Friday, March 20, 2009

Pocket watches

I was not sure what I should blog about and so I asked my wonderful Editor in Chief for a topic. I told her it could be anything at all, because I guess I was feeling like a challenge or something.

Guess what she came up with? Pocket watches. Apparently, she loves them. That is all really nice, but I have honestly never in my life given pocket watches any thought at all. While I wrote that sentence down, it made me wonder if that means I am “neutral” about pocket watches.

Am I? When I think of pocket watches, I think of old-fashioned men in old-fashioned movies. You know, the kind of guys that wear stylish three-piece suits, with vests. The kind of men that carry around handkerchiefs, reading glasses, and, well, pocket watches.

When I was younger, I read all of Anne Rice’s novels faithfully. Her books on vampires and witches included these old-fashioned scholars called the Talamasca. I am pretty sure all of those guys carried pocket watches.
Now that I think about it, I am not sure I get what the point of a pocket watch is. I mean, why not just wear a watch on your wrist like everyone else? Or, you know, check the time on your mobile. Or iphone.

I don’t think you even really need any kind of device that tells you the time these days. I mean, you can see what time it is almost everywhere…on computers, wall clocks, etc. I am pretty sure you would be just fine, if you did not carry any device on you with a clock.

Having said that, I can understand if one were to think that pocket watches were charming. After all, I did immediately make the connection between pocket watches and charming old fashioned men.

But what about women? Is a pocket watch a “manly” device or does anyone know of any women who carry around pocket watches? Perhaps you are a woman who owns a pocket watch. Do let me know, I am kind of curious to find out.

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Feylamia said...

I don't have a pocket watch, but I've always wanted one. :D