Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Indigo Girls album: Poseidon and the bitter bug

I have been playing the new Indigo Girls album Poseidon and the bitter bug – which by the way is an awesome album title- non-stop for the last few days.

Even though I generally like Indigo Girls songs, I have never been a huge fan. Like every good lesbian, I can sing along to classic songs like Closer to fine, but I can’t say I have ever owned an entire CD. Now I am starting to think that maybe I was wrong about this.

I am really enjoying Poseidon and the bitter bug, and after quite a number of listens, I have decided on my favourite song. It’s called Second time around, and I especially love the lyrics. Not only do they mention “God fearing lesbians” that I find very amusing for some reason, but it also has this one line that has been stuck in my head for the last day or so:

“Here’s what I found about compromise, don’t do it if it hurts inside. Cause either way you’re screwed.”

Some wise lessons there. Seriously.

The new album will be released March 24 (world wide, I think) and comes in two different versions; a full band and an acoustic version. To be honest, I really did not hear that much of a difference between the two versions.

Obviously, the acoustic CD is acoustic and the full band one is not, but Indigo Girls songs are mainly acoustic guitar driven songs anyways, so it’s not like the difference is huge. Having said that, I do think I like the full band version slightly better.

It’s been three years since their last album. Was it worth the wait? You tell me!

Can’t wait until March 24? Click here and download one track for free.

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Spoil Myself said...

Love them:) And confess to be owning several CD's and DVD's. Unfortunately I never had the chance to them live on stage. It's funny that so many know "Closer to Fine", in my eyes there are even much better songs by them, they also covered this song themselves several times, and it's become "rockier" with time.
hach, I'm sure it's been worth the wait :)