Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Attention to details

When I was vacuuming my hallway, I noticed some splashes of paint on the radiator. They have been there since I painted my hallway before I moved in four months ago, yet this was the first time I noticed the splashes.

I would like to say this is an exception, but the truth is, I have a really bad eye for details. In fact, I usually do not notice half of the stuff that is going on around me. Paint splashes, crumbs on the floor, I just don’t see them.

It helps that my apartment isn’t very cluttered and I don’t have much stuff standing around. This enables me to at least notice the most important stuff. When I was staying with a friend of mine whose house was totally full of crap, I mean decorations, I did not see half of it.

With that I mean, that whenever she made small changes I never noticed and I discovered new stuff in her house after months, even though the things had always been there.

It’s not only with details around the house, I have the same problem with people too. I generally do not notice if someone has had a haircut or is wearing a new shirt. In fact, I usually do not even notice what people are wearing at all.

This can be problematic sometimes, especially when it comes to girlfriends or even just female friends. Some of them do expect you to pay attention and compliment them whenever they have something new.

I think it is probably a good thing I usually do not notice, as I am also very bad at lying. Oh you know what I mean. They never care about what I really think of their outfit, they just want you to say they look great.

I better stop now, before I make myself really sound bad. The details thing is kinda weird though, but I really can’t help it. Unless someone points something out to me, of course, then I do see it. But I can also easily forget about it again.

Sometimes that’s very helpful, like with the splashes of paints. Because I really do not feel like spending an hour trying to remove them from the radiator. So I will just forget, until 4 months from now I will notice them again by accident.


Spoil Myself said...

I'm surprised that you don't know the technical terms for this *g
Btw, I've got a similar problem, I hate it to be greeted at home with "I wonder if you'll notice what's different" !

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

I notice things that I wish I wouldn't. It's so distracting to constantly have your eye and attention drawn away.
It's a miracle I can drive with crashing into something shiny.

Natazzz said...

LOL Maxime, There's an actual word for it? Are you saying I have a disorder? ;-)

Actually, the only question worse than that is when a gf asks "Do you notice anything different about ME?"

Jennifer, I'm always bumping into things, I really don't need a distraction for that. Luckily I don't drive.