Saturday, February 14, 2009

What are you doing for Valentine’s day?

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! Are you celebrating Valentine’s today or do you think it is all a bunch of nonsense? And tell me honestly, to what extend is your answer dependent on whether or not you are single right now?

I personally never really understood the concept of Valentine’s day. Then again, I am not much of a fan of most holidays. I just don’t get why you should do something romantic and special just because it is Valentine’s day.

Why can’t you be romantic on any other day? Don’t even get me started on those Valentine cards. Who came up with that crap? Clearly I am not a very romantic person, but that does not mean I do not appreciate a nice gesture.

Still, there is such a thing as a nice gesture or doing something special for someone and buying them one of those ridiculous cards that are all pink and shiny with hearts and other crap on them.

I am not just saying that because I am bitter because when I was younger I was one of those girls who never had a secret valentine. I did send out a few though. What is the point of anonymous card sending, anyway?

I guess Valentine’s day has turned into a major money making event, just like most other major holidays. Still, if you want to go and spend tens of dollars on cute pink cards, stuffed animals and boxes of chocolates, go right ahead. Enjoy your consumerism!

P.S. Yes, I am single.

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