Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dollhouse: Are you a fan yet?

Just a brief blogpost to say that I love Josh Whedon’s new TV series Dollhouse. Sure, I get what all the scepticism and lukewarm responses are about, but there is so much to like I don’t think we should complain about petty details.

First of all, I have to say I am very biased as up to now I have loved pretty much everything that Whedon has done. I’m still a huge Buffy fan, and I also heart his other shows Angel and Firefly just as much.

There is something about his storylines and characters that I find very appealing. Now my favourite Buffy character and actress is starring in her own Josh Whedon show. What’s not to love?
Yep, Eliza could pretty much just stand there looking hot in a tank top for 50 minutes and I would enjoy it. So seeing her in a show with an actual plot is very exciting. My second favourite character on Angel Fred (my favourite is Wesley), played by Amy Acker also stars in this.

I quite like the premise of the show about these actives who get their identities erased and get uploaded with new ones in order to fill certain clients need. What I am hoping for is great character development as well as more exploration of the relationships between the people working at the organization.

Not sure where they are going with all this, but it would make sense if we soon find out that this identity erasing thing doesn’t really work that well (it never does on other shows like Alias) and actives will start to remember things.
Can’t wait to find out.

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