Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Complaining about Episode 6.04 of the L word

This used to a show I really enjoyed watching. Sure, it has always had its problems, but it used to be good clean lesbian soap opera-ish soft porny fun. If nothing else, you could at least watch it for the hot make out scenes.

We are already half way through the final season, as so far we haven’t had all that many hot make out scenes. No, Shane and Jenny does not count. Most of us watch this show for a reason, and it isn’t to see the storyline of a pregnant FTM.


There is just so much wrong with it, I really do not know where to start. Not only is this storyline a) highly unlikely and b) ripped off from the pregnant FTM who was in the news last year.
Of all the things they could have chosen to have happen to Max, of all the many interesting stories to be told about a transgendered character, they decided to make him pregnant. Yep, let’s give the transgendered character a huge caveman like beard and a huge pregnant belly that sounds like an awesome idea.

But you know what is the worst about all this? The fact that Daniela Sea is such a crappy actor. Come to think of it, Tom the interpreter guy isn’t much better. I honestly found it painful to watch their scenes.

The second most annoying thing about this episode was the Beth/Kelly storyline. Are we really supposed to believe that someone like Beth used to be head over heals for that Saved by the Bell chick?

The woman has no charisma. Not to mention hardly any acting ability. It is not good when watching one of your favourite show makes you feel uneasy, and not in a good way.

Anything I liked? Well, I liked Alice flirting with that chick that came over for dinner, even though it was so WRONG. If I was dating Tasha, I sure wouldn’t be looking elsewhere. Also, I’m kinda curious to see where the whole Helena/Dylan thing is going. That’s about it.


Charly said...

(Oh tasha..oh tasha..this arms are KILLING me!)

I have to agree with you on all points. This max storyline is just wrong and it kind of mocks the other actors that are such more talented and gifted as daniela sea is (I like her but still, she is not a good actress!). I kind of skipped through the last episode and hoped for something good to happen, even if that would have ment a three some between alice, tasha and that other gal.
Gosh..don't you miss the old days when jenny was still with marina and even seemed remotely sane? I sometimes do.

Natazzz said...

I even miss the good old days of last season...

Not even a hot Alice-Tasha-other chick threesome can help this show now.