Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Things that annoyed me about Episode 6.02 of the L word

Episode 2 of the final season of the L word taught me a lot of things about myself, mainly about all the things that annoy me. Why can’t the L word just be fun?

Things that annoyed me about this episode:
1. Jenny. I already could not stand her, but to have the entire episode be about her and her interactions with everyone is very tiring. C’mon, does the entire L word world have to revolve around her?

2. The two different tables at the planet. It was retarded the way they chose sides and refused to sit with one another. I especially found it hard to believe anyone would choose Jenny’s side. Didn’t everyone hate her?

3. Max is pregnant. WTF! Who comes up with these story lines?

4. Saved by the bell chick. The woman can’t act. I’ve hated her in everything she’s been in. What’s she doing on the L word?
5. Jenny and Shane making out. Seriously? WTF! I don’t even know where to start to describe all the things that are wrong with this.

What I did love about this episode was, once again, Tasha and Alice. They have sex in the car and then they make lists. What’s not to love about these two?


Rose said...

What about that ridiculous proposal scene with Cybil Shepard? I was thinking WTF. It takes shallow to a new depth.

Natazzz said...

Yeah, it wasn't very convincing...Still, I love Jane Lynch and I found her standing there buck naked making a fool of herself kinda amusing.

Anonymous said...

i want more jennifer beals and tina love's scenes and no tasha alice or shane jenny???