Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Noisy old houses

Even though I have been living at my awesome new apartment for two months now, there are a few things I just can’t seem to get used to. One of those things is the noisiness of the place. I am used to living in either fairly new apartments or old bunkers.

Of course, wherever you live you always hear some of the noise from your neighbours (like my upstairs neighbour when I lived in Germany, who loved to have really loud sex with all the windows open. Actually she was so loud for such a long time, I am pretty sure she was faking it), but in old houses with wooden floors things are so much worse.

It does not even bother me so much that I can hear my neighbours’ music or whether or not they have visitors, or an argument or a cold. What does bother me is when we are using the bathroom at the same time and I can hear exactly what they are doing.

For example, I am pretty sure that my downstairs neighbour either has a constant flu or an eating disorder. Now I know she cannot help our building is noisy, but does she have to barf exactly when I use the toilet?

It also does not help that she has a little kid that is always screaming or crying. Even very late at night. It is almost as annoying as the constant barking of the upstairs neighbours’ dog. Don’t you just love old houses?

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bekonia said...

I live in old terraced housing in Manchester, England, and it is exactly the same for me. Your post made me laugh!