Monday, January 12, 2009

I feel like such a dyke…a proud dyke!

No, this is not a post about being proud to be gay or even about being gay at all. It is about this myth that I had believed in for 32 years that I found out over the weekend is completely false.

I am a very clumsy person who also lived in student housing for way too many years. So during most of my life I didn’t really have a proper apartment of my own and no need to do much in the way of fixing stuff or putting stuff together.

Even when I did move into a real apartment a few years back, I had my mom’s handy boyfriend to help me out. Same thing with my most recent move. Every single guy I know who is handy has been over to my apartment to help me with stuff.

I really appreciate all their help, but since I moved pretty far away from everyone else I can’t keep calling them for every little thing. At least, that is what I thought when my lovely new furniture was delivered this week.

I bought both a dining table and a saloon table that came in 20 thousand separate pieces (ok I’m slightly exaggerating) with hardly any instructions on how to put it together. I guess that’s normal but I used to be an IKEA girl, so what do I know.

I went out and bought myself a drill and all other equipment one could possibly need to put these tables together. I drilled 164 holes and screwed 164 screws and in 3,5 hours I had perfectly put together tables.

Not only was it relatively easy to do, it was also fun. Drilling holes is a lot of fun! Who knew?

The myth I held onto for so long was that doing stuff like this was difficult and better left to handy man friends. I even thought they possessed some kind of gift that they could do all this stuff.

This weekend I found out I have been stroking their egos telling them they are so great at all this handy stuff for no reason. It is not a gift at all. Even someone as clumsy and unhandy as me can put tables together!

Ok so maybe it is really not that easy and I am actually quite great lol. In either case, I feel damn proud of myself! Soon enough there won’t be anything left I won’t do myself…

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Feylamia said...

Fortunately I had that epiphany when I was six or so. Ever since then I'm the one my female friends ask when they need help. :D