Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fun quizzes for some procrastination

The good thing about being back at work is being able to procrastinate. I was almost running out of ways to waste time, when I saw some fun quizzes over at Random But Gay (Thanks!).

So here is what I learned about myself…

Which Buffy the Vampire Slayer Character Are You?

Obviously, this result is utter BS. I am nothing like that!
Best question: How many times have you died?

Which Top Chef Are You?

Hmmm. Am I?

Which ER Character Are You?

This quiz might be right…interesting.

And finally…because I really did not want to go back to work yet:

Which Jonas Brother is Your Boyfriend?

Ehm. Just who the hell are the Jonas Brothers? Thank God I’m gay.

1 comment:

Random said...

You're welcome.
Wasting time is what I do most - and I'm really good at it ;o)

Intersting results, though ;o)

Jonas Brothers? You really didn't want to go back to work, huh?