Friday, January 30, 2009

Don’t see it: Producing Adults

“Producing Adults (“Lapsia ja aikuisia”) is the 2004 Finnish movie about a woman named Venla (Minna Haapkylä) who desperately wants to have a baby. Her boyfriend of fifteen years, however, is more interested in his speed skating career than in settling down.

While Venla goes through more and more extreme measures in order to become pregnant, her boyfriend is trying everything he can to avoid getting her pregnant and that is putting it mildly.

Venla decides to secretly seek help from a bisexual co-worker named Satu (Minttu Mustakallio) at the fertility clinic that she works at and against all odds, the two women end up falling for each other.

Does this sound like a believable plot to you? I certainly was sceptical before I started watching this movie. I am blessed with more than a healthy aversion against anything to do with pregnancies and babies, especially when it comes to movies about queer women (or straight women who out of the blue realize they want a woman).

However, seeing as this movie has won several awards, including the 2004 Stockholm film festival award as well as the 2004 Verzaubert international gay & lesbian film festival award, I decided to give Producing Adults the benefit of the doubt.

This wasn’t very easy as the movie starts with a woman who wants to hug sperm, which is actually as ridiculous as it sounds. This is followed by a scene in which we see both sperm and naked man ass.”

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