Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Whatever happened to…Neve Campbell?

I used to have a huge crush on Neve Campbell. This started years before I had ever seen her make out with Denise Richards in Wild things, even though that didn’t exactly hurt my little obsession.

I first noticed her in Party of Five, one of the greatest and most underrated TV shows of the early nineties. For years I watched this series faithfully each week in which Neve played the character of Julia, a studious and self-conscious high school girl.

It is one of the first TV series I remember watching, that focused on all the every day self-created drama of being a teenager or young adult. All those crushes, unrequited love, and self-esteem issues. Not only did I love all the drama and misery, I also loved the soundtrack of the series.

Julia was such a great character. The young insecure girl, trying to fit in and falling for the wrong boys. At least I recall her dating this bad boy named Griffin. I think she also experimented a little with girls during her college years, but unfortunately I had stopped watching the show by then.
I loved most of the movies that Neve Campbell starred in during the late nineties. I thought the Scream horror trilogy was awesome when it came out and I think I actually watched each film at the theatre. In fact, I think I watched all of her movies at the theatre.

I recently caught part of the Craft on television and I could not believe how bad it was. I guess my standards for good films were a little lower when I was 19. Although another of her movies, Three to Tango, stands the test of time pretty good.

Who doesn’t recall (vividly) watching Neve Campbell in Wild things at the theatre? It looks a little tame now, but back in 1998 it was really really hot, especially for someone like me who was still closeted. Closeted yes, but I had never been more sure I was gay.

The last movie I recall watching that starred Neve was the Company, a rather boring affair about a dancer. She has done several movies since then, but none of them got much attention. At least, I never took much notice.

According to IMBD, Neve starred in a few episodes of several TV shows the last few years, including the God-awful Medium. She is also supposed to star in a few upcoming movies, but most of these are not even in production.

I guess the good thing about this is that Neve is still actively pursuing an acting career. Although I wish she would just hurry up and make a great “come back”. Surely, I cannot be the only one who would love to watch her star in some great new movies?
I have read a few rumours on the internet that there might be a Scream 4 in 2010 that is supposed to once again star Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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Random said...

No, I'm with you on that one!

I also remember "Party of Five" and I loved it. Actually came to think about it a few weeks back, not sure why, really.
But I've also come to realize that many of the movies I loved when I was a teenager, they just don't seem very good anymore. Higher standards these days, I guess ;o)

Have a Happy New Year!