Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What the hell has happened to the L word?

If you don’t mind spoilers or can’t be bothered to actually watch the final season of the L word, watch this:

So what do you think?

(Btw, if you don’t like spoilers, you stop reading about now)

I can’t seem to make up my mind whether I like or hate what they are doing to this show. My first reaction was WTF? Are they seriously turning it into a murder mystery? They are killing off Jenny? I think someone else said it much better.

I also cannot help but raise my eyebrows at some of the most retarded plot developments: Shane and Jenny. Seriously? Of course, who doesn’t hook up with their best friend after they just F-ed their gf?

Bette and the Showgirls chick. Are we supposed to believe Bette was/is into someone like her? And that they are the same age?

I mean, the L word was always more soap opera than anything else, but there really is no need to take things to an extreme. Couldn’t we have gone back to the nice stories of Season 1?

Ok enough complaining. What do I like about it? Well, the fact that it is so different and over the top. I mean, a murder mystery makes it a totally different show. Like CSI only with dead lesbians.

Moreover, over the top means anything goes. So we could have some fun. Although, it’s probably hard to have a lot of fun when someone gets murdered. Hmmm. I did see Dylan make a come back, which I am giving two thumbs up. I always thought she and Helena were hot together.

Anyways, I cannot believe all the spoilers I am reading. But I guess the are doing what they are supposed to be doing as everyone is talking about it.


Feylamia said...

I loved the Dylan/Helena scenes, I'm dreading having to watch Alice and Tasha hurt and I'm very much looking forward to laughing about those crazy, crazy storylines. :D

(Also: Hi! Somehow got here from AfterEllen. :D)

Natazzz said...

Yeah, same here. As much as I complain, I'm going to enjoy watching all the madness unfold.

(Hey! back Feylamia)

you think? said...

Does anyone else wonder if all this leaked info might be planted to fool us into thinking we know who gets killed but they will do a switch-eroo on us?

Natazzz said...

It wouldn't surprise me, youthink.

Who knows. Perhaps it's just all someone's dream and none of the stuff we've seen is really going to happen.

you think? said...

heh, maybe they will 'Dallas' everything after the first season.

sienna44 said...

If Jenny is the character that is "killed", and if it is not a dream, and if there is an L Word Movie, Jenny can't be in the movie as she will be "DEAD". This means that the main character that Ilene said started the premise of the show in 2004 is gone. What will the movie be without Jenny? How will Ilene figure that one out? Does this mean that Mia Kirshner wanted out? Food for entertainment thought....

Natazzz said...

There's gonna be a movie too? Isn't a weird prison spin-off bad enough?

I doubt it had anything to do with Mia Kirshner. I mean, it's not like Erin Daniels had any say in getting killed off...