Friday, December 12, 2008

Using lesbians in commercials

Over at eurout you can find one of my latest blogs about the trend of using of lesbians in commercials.

Have you ever noticed how many “lesbians” are appearing in commercials these days? Advertisers might not always be too sure how to market to lesbians, but they sure have no problem using lesbians to sell their products. Well, lesbians or just women who make out with other women.

I like watching women make out with each other as much as any red-blooded lesbian, but unfortunately many of these commercials are rather bad. I especially hate it when we are supposed to believe that these girls are actually gay.

Neither Clothestime nor Jim Beam nor Dolce & Gabbana can convince me that I’m watching actual lesbians. The only commercial that I bought and also quite enjoyed is the Johnny Walker commercial posted above, probably because it’s actually targeted towards lesbians instead of straight men

Read the entire article here.

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