Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Naked neighbour

My new apartment looks out on my neighbour’s bathroom. The bathroom has these with tinted windows, except they don’t really tint. What I am saying is, every morning if I happen to get up early enough, I can watch her take a shower.

The first time this happened, I just assumed she had forgotten to close the drapes, but she does not seem to have any. So what I keep wondering is: Does she not care I can see her naked or does she just not know that the tinted windows are very ineffective?

I have had neighbours before who just did not care, so they didn’t have curtains for their bedroom window. Yes, I am not kidding. Luckily, they were further down the street so I did not have to watch everything they get up to.

I guess you could say the same about my naked neighbour. I do not have to watch her take a shower. But when your eye catches a beautiful naked woman, it is just hard to look away. I try not to be a perv though and get away from the window.

Thing is, I have been wondering if maybe she really does not know we can all see her. With all I mean not just me, but the two apartments next to me as well. Should I tell her? I do not even know her at all.

How would I feel if a total stranger pointed out to me they see me naked every morning? Would I be angry or upset or would I be very grateful they pointed it out to me? Or maybe it is better to just not know?

Any thoughts?


Random said...

That's a tough one...

But I think, that if it was me
I'd be angry as hell at first (if you told me up front that is), but then I would be gratefull.
But then again, that's just because I'd like to choose who gets to see me naked ;-)

Maybe you could just say something like: Oh it's really annoying that the bathroom windows are seethrough... (That way if she agrees, she knows).
But I guess that's not that easy if you don't know her...

Tough one...

mega said...

Maybe you can just slip an anonymous note on her mailbox saying that her tinted bathroom window is not that tinted at all!

Natazzz said...

great suggestion. I just might do that.

mega said...

mega "pro-stalker" *grin*

Natazzz said...

Does that mean you are a professional stalker or are you just pro stalkers and stalking in general? ;-)

mega said...

That for me to know and you to find out ;)

PS- I always wanted to use this line! *grin*