Saturday, December 6, 2008

Karaoke is dangerous

Are you a karaoke fan? I personally do not get the appeal and I would even go so far as to say I find it rather annoying. You’re trying to enjoy your beer, but you keep being disturbed by the drunks who can’t hold a tune.

Turns out karaoke is not only annoying, but dangerous too. In Malaysia a guy was killed for hogging the karaoke machine. Apparently, he would not stop singing and give the other people a go. So they stabbed and killed him.

Or maybe they could not stand to hear him sing out of tune one more minute, so they stabbed and killed him. WTF? There are better reasons to kill someone…and better ways to die. *Shakes head* People are weird. And scary.

So be careful kids, karaoke could kill you!


B.G.D. said...

One time at karaoke camp this girl got up on stage and sang an offkey version of "What A Wonderful World." I think Karaoke is dangerous for people because some don't realize they are tone deaf. I'm sorry but I have to go - was just traumatized by the memory of Cameron Diaz in My Best Friends Wedding.

Natazzz said...

You went to karaoke camp. Seriously?