Monday, November 3, 2008

You should read it: The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks

From the many survival guides available that might be handy to have around, the one that I would recommend the most is the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. Brooks is an American author, actor as well as a screenwriter, who is mostly known for his work on Saturday Night Live.

Even though the chances of anyone actually coming face to face with a real-life zombie might be fairly slim, you never know what might happen and it cannot hurt to be prepared. With this Zombie survival guide you would be just that, and so much more.

The Zombie Survival Guide offers over 200 pages filled with several millennia worth of evidence, field experience and facts about zombies and how to not get caught by them. The book covers several important topics including basic zombie terminology, zombie physiology, the history of zombies, and overview of the weapons that are most and least suitable to vent off zombies.

In addition, there are chapters on zombie battling tactics and even long-term strategies to stay zombie free. Obviously, this survival guide is a must for anyone who wishes to not get eating by zombies. Brooks does an impressive job of giving a thorough overview of zombie history and folklore knowledge. The survival guide tells you about all the zombie outbreaks through out history, as well as their implications.

Apparently, each kind of zombie outbreak asks for a different kind of defensive strategy. In order to make sure the zombies really won’t get you, you have to carry emergency flairs, signalling mirrors, and of course your assortment of weapons with you at all times. If you thought you could just protect yourself from zombies with a simple machete, think again!

This manual aims to teach us some very wise lessons that do not only apply to surviving
zombies, but might be useful for other events in every day life as well. Who does not feel helped immensely by great tips like: No place is safe, only safer; blades do not need reloading, and my personal favourite: the zombie may be gone, but the threat lives on.

These are rules to live by people!

Besides an awesome parody of a survival guide, the Zombie Survival Guide is also a very impressive manual of everything and more you ever wanted to know about zombies. The guide is very well written, detailed, creepy and also extremely funny.

If you enjoy the horror genre, or even if you just want to read a very original piece of work, then you really cannot do without this book.

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jennifer from pittsburgh said...

LOL! I love it! Still, ahem, the zombie attack threat remains high (orange) through November 4 and the closing of the polls ;)