Saturday, November 15, 2008

The worst lesbian movie…ever!*

I came out around the time of the new millennium and like many dykes who are newly out, for a while I was obsessed with anything that was gay. So one of the things I did was to go on Amazon and buy pretty much any queer DVD I could get my hands on.

For all of you who are contemplating something similar, let me just say; do not do it! You see, you might be starved for lesbian content, but many lesbian movies are just very very bad. You don’t want all those crappy DVDs in your DVD collection, trust me. Rent them instead. One of the worst queer DVDs in my collection is probably The Girl.

"The Girl" is the 2000 movie about an affair between two women who meet at a nightclub in Paris. It was directed by Sande Zeig and based on a short story by her partner, French feminist writer Monique Wittig. It was the first time Wittig wrote a screenplay in the English language and let’s just say that it shows.

Read my entire review on eurOut.

* Yes, I actually think it is worse than Go Fish.


Delphine said...

True. This firm sucks. It almost looks like this kind of lesbian films that are purposedly taylored for heterosexual gay. With all the clichés.
But don't be too harsh with Monique Wittig: don't forget that she called all women to become "lesbian". It is not such a bad idea, isn't it?
I really don't see how you can compare "Go fish" and "the girl"... but that's another story

Natazzz said...

I really don't see how you can compare "Go fish" and "the girl"...

That's easy Delphine, they both SUCK BIG TIME!

Delphine said...

I really like the way you put your case and you argue:) Very academic...
Just kidding of course. Have you seen the watermelon woman, a bit in the same vein as Go fish? I know you did not like Go fish but maybe you saw it just to hurt yourself.