Monday, November 24, 2008

I love my new apartment

I’ve finally moved and settled into my new apartment. Well, settled might be too big a word as I am still sitting amidst a lot of boxes that need to be unpacked. I can’t wait to get around to that though. Some of this stuff I haven’t seen in years.

When I moved to Germany I put a lot of stuff I thought I would not need (like my entire music and book collection) into storage. Hundreds and hundreds of books are sitting in those boxes just waiting for me to rediscover them.

Unfortunately, I haven’t bought my new bookshelves yet, so I’ll probably end up with those books lying all over my apartment. All over my awesome new hardwood floors. You should see the place, it’s so great. At least, I like to think that it is.

One of my friends was actually nice enough to tell one of our other friends “It’s a great apartment, but of course with her taste it will never be really nice or inviting”. Thanks a lot! So I don’t like anything bright or shiny and I don’t believe in decorative crap, doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome.

All the straight males that have seen my apartment seem to love my decorative taste though. Great, so I have dude taste. I can live with that. My sister hopefully enquired whether I would be putting up anything on the walls.

I told her I’d bought some nice black and white photographs. You should’ve seen her face, it was priceless. Anyways, I love my new apartment and seeing I have to live in it that’s all that really matters.

I’m going to unpack those boxes now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Natazzz, my sister is obsessed with filling a house with crap when she moves in especially with mirrors! When i moved to my new house it had some pink walls of course she love it, i said no it has to go. Would you be interested in swapping sisters? I think they perfect for each other, my sister might just get the little sister she always wanted! :)) she is 33 im 29. Wanna trade?
I bet you run and slide on the hardwood floors in your socks?

Natazzz said...

Why would I want to trade sisters? I already have one who loves colours and decorative crap.

Oh hang on, you want to be my sister? Hmmm. That's kinda creepy ;-)

Slide on my socks? Dude, I'm 32, I don't slide...