Thursday, November 6, 2008

Doeschka Meijsing wins Dutch literature prize

Out lesbian author Doeschka Meijsing won the AKO Literatuurprijs (AKO Literature prize) for her novel “Over de Liefde” (About love) on Monday. The AKO Literatuurprijs is an annual prestigious award for Dutch mainstream literature.

Doeschka Meijsing is a well-known author in the Netherlands, who has written over a dozen novels, as well as many essays and poetry. The 61 year-old author is almost a household name. Ok so I admit that I have never read

any of her books, but I have always been familiar with Meijsing as an author and I always knew she was gay. At least, that is what I assumed because of some of her subject matter.

Read the entire article on eurOut.

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