Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Is there anything not on Wikipedia?

Do you ever wonder what life would look like without the internet? Sometimes I find it hard to believe that a little over a decade ago, I had never surfed the net and I had not even written an email.

In fact, when I started college, computers scared me and all I could do was type simple text on a blue screen (Wasn’t DOS and Word Perfect fun?) that I would then print with a crappy matrix printer and stable together. Oh those were the days.

These days, anything you could possibly want to know (as so so much more) you can find on the internet. The greatest source of information is probably Wikipedia. No, I’m not saying the best or the most original…but they do seem to have info on just about anything.

I was bored the other day (or truthfully, I did not feel like working) so I decided to find out just what you can and cannot find on Wikipedia.

Apparently, the English version of Wikipedia has entries on both my country, the town I live in, the nature nearby, as well as all the dirty industry. You can find the place I work, the neighbourhood I am moving to, the party I vote for and even all of my favourite websites.

I can’t say all the stuff I found on there was accurate, but it was close enough. For example, if you are unfamiliar wit the city of Amsterdam, this will give you a pretty good idea. However, if I shared with you my excitement over one of our traditional dishes stamppot, Wikipedia might not be the place to look for it.

I tried so hard to find things that are not on Wikipedia, but I wasn’t very successful. Ok so I found a few things that should have entries on there, like eurOut (which I am sure they will have very soon), but basically anything you can think of is there.

Is more always better? Clearly not….but still. I am a big Wikipedia fan. Sure, it has its flaws but I love how it’s all just there, waiting for someone to look for it…

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