Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How to make fake blood

Now that Halloween is coming up again, I thought I’d share with you some tips and suggestions on how to make fake blood.

Oh c’mon, just admit you have always wanted to make fake blood! If not, maybe you do after you’ve read how easy it is (in case you do actually follow my suggestions and attempt to make fake blood, do let me know how it turned out. I’d especially love to hear if you ended up with a big stinky mess).

Whether you are preparing for Halloween, playing a vampire in a local stage production or are about to attend a horror dress up party, you might look a lot scarier if you add some fake blood to our outfit. You can buy fake blood at most party supply stores, but it is just as easy to make it by yourself.

Here are a few recipes for fake blood, divided into fake blood you can eat made mainly out of food and so-called movie set blood made out of inedible chemicals. I would suggest you keep the inedible stuff away from kids or drunken adults.

Do keep in mind that regardless of the type of fake blood you use it is bound to get a little messy. In addition, remember that you might have to experiment a little bit with the exact amounts of all the ingredients in order to get your mixture to actually look like real blood.

Edible fake blood

In a bowl mix one part of water with three parts of corn syrup. Then add red food colouring by stirring it through the mixture. Add as much as needed to make it look like real blood. It also helps to add a little blue food colouring to give it a more realistic shade.

Now your mixture needs to be thickened, which you can do by adding some chocolate syrup or flour. Let it sit for about ten minutes in order for it to thicken some more.

If you really want to be able to eat and enjoy the fake blood you are putting on yourself, you can also make peanut butter or jelly variants. You can easily add some peanut butter to the above mixture and leave out the flour instead.

Do make sure you use creamy instead of chunky peanut butter or it will get really gross. For jelly blood mix some glycerine with a cube of strawberry jelly and a packet of gelatine. Add some red food colouring, stir and let it sit. This will not give you such realistic looking blood as the other recipe, but it might be a lot nicer to eat for little kids.

Movie blood

In a bowl mix one part of water based motor or radiator lubricant with three parts of water based hair gel. Now add half as much red food colouring as there is liquid in the bowl. Also add a little bit of chocolate syrup in order to achieve the right colour of blood. If your mixture is not drippy enough you can add a little hand sanitizer.

Unlike edible fake blood, this stuff is not sticky nor is it enjoyable to ingest so be careful. If you are planning on actually filming your movie blood make sure it is slightly darker than real blood otherwise it will end up looking very fake.

Have fun!


Miss.Skeene said...

Hey Natazzz, I read your story about Buffy. And then I had to think of that new US vampire show called "True Blood" which is supposed to be quite good. I don't know... if you're generally into vampire-stuff you might like that!? (maybe you already know it and I am boring you...) Interestingly, all the vampires on that show are supposed to be pansexual ;) ...that should result in some interesting "coupling"

Natazzz said...

I am not a huge vampire fan, but yeah, I am enjoying True Blood.

Think it has an interesting take on vampires...from what I've seen so far it involves a lot of sex and blood LOL...Good stuff.