Friday, September 12, 2008

Tellofilms and other lesbian entertainment

I love that more and more websites start to appear that provide us lesbians with some cool lesbian content. It used to be the case that besides a few informational sites, there really was not that much as far as entertainment goes.

These days there is lots of fun stuff for us to choose from. Whether it is cool entertainment websites (AfterEllen, EurOut), Webisodes (3Way, Girltrash), Podcasts (My Lesbian Radio) or fun blogs by lesbians (Dorothy Surrenders, Final Girl, Comedy Double Standards).

You are probably all familiar with most of the above sites, but have you already heard of Tellofilms?

I stumbled upon this site by accident. Ok not completely by accident…I was actually looking for fun stuff on YouTube when I came across an interview with a link to Tellofilms.

Tellofilms is this cool website full of lesbian related videos. Like a queer You Tube if you like. Not only do they have a really nice collection of videos (e.g., Michelle Paradise’s Ten Rules short, Uh huh her videos), they also do interviews with anyone and everyone.

That is really why I love this site. Not so much for who they interview (so far this includes pretty much anyone who’s ever been on AfterEllen. In other words, all the queer ladies in LA), but how.

These interviews are seriously funny. At least they cracked me up. Who needs the usual serious and boring interview questions when you call talk about random stuff instead?

Check it out Tellofilms, I can guarantee you are going to love it!

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