Friday, September 26, 2008

Music Memory Moment: Madonna’s 1987 Who’s that girl? tour

Now that Madonna is touring Europe it makes me think back of another time…many many years ago…when she was also touring Europe. Back in the summer of 1987 she visited the Netherlands during her Who’s that girl tour.

I was just a little 10-year-old back then, but a huge Madonna fan nevertheless. I had the t-shirt and the bracelets, and I knew all the songs by heart. When I heard she was coming to give a concert near where we lived I got all excited.

I got even more excited when on the night of the concert my parents took my little sister and me to the stadium to experience some of the excitement. This was my first time near the huge football stadium and I remember being very much impressed by it all.

There were so many people and they were all there to see Madonna. Some even wore the same t-shirts and bracelets I did, only they were grown ups. How weird. I vaguely recall my mother contemplating whether or not she should by some last minute tickets they were selling outside.

I think the extremely high prices put her off and she decided just being near the stadium was excitement enough. And it was. Once the concert started, you could clearly hear the songs, and even though we could not see a thing this really did not matter to my sister and I.

I can clearly recall us standing on the gates surrounding the stadium singing along with Madonna’s songs at the top of our lungs. At one point it even started to rain I think, but we really did not care.

It has been over 20 years, but just watching this clips makes me feel like it was only yesterday…

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