Saturday, September 27, 2008

Good but weird TV: Pushing daisies

I have been watching the first season of Pushing daisies for the last few weeks, trying to figure out whether I like it or not. I mean, I enjoy watching it I guess, but it is soooo weird.

That might sound like a strange complaint coming from me. It is true, I usually quite enjoy weird and strange TV shows, but Pushing daisies is a completely different kind of weird.

Not sure what I am going on about? Watch the trailer:

You might think it does not look that strange, but hold on…the guy you heard talking over the trailer, he actually does that kind of voice over during the entire show. Moreover, you might think it is a comedy, but it is not…or maybe it is. Who knows?

It is confusing to say the least.

And then there’s the actually premise of the show, which is weird as well. There is still guy who can make people come back to life by touching them, but when he touches them a second time they die again.

To make it more complicated, if he does not touch them again within 20 seconds, someone else dies instead. So all in all, not a very useful gift to have, even though there seems to be a great demand for it on the show. When the guy is not making pies, he is touching dead people to make them talk and confess stuff.

There is also a girl (isn’t there always?)…who he brought back to life and did not kill again within 20 seconds, because he has a huge crush on her. Nice isn’t it, he let someone else die so she could live again.
Problem is, they can never ever touch, because as soon as they do she will die. Very original I must say, but how long can you watch a couple who can never ever get it on before it gets old?

I don’t know. Like I keep saying, this show is very very weird…I keep watching, but I am still not quite sure whether I really like it or if this show is truly too weird even for me.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I am so excited for the new season, especially in HD! I love Pushing Daisies. It is beautiful to look at, the characters are really terrific and it keeps me smiling every week. If you have never seen if, go check out I promise, you will want pie.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Caty and I started watching by accident (I think the remote was out of reach and we are that sloth-like). I was pleasantly surprised that it's good and fun, and yes, weird :) Loved the Paul Ruebens role as the sewer troll.