Friday, September 5, 2008

Breastfeeding etiquette

Today on the train I was sitting opposite a woman who was breastfeeding her baby. I’m not usually around babies let alone breastfeeding mothers, so I wasn’t quite sure how to act.

I mean, of course it is a perfectly normal thing and the kid probably needed to eat, but still. It did not change the fact that a perfect stranger was sitting opposite me with her breasts exposed.

What is proper breastfeeding etiquette these days? Should women feel free to breast feed in public or should they try to be a little less obvious about it? More importantly, how is the observer of this practice supposed to act?
I did not think it was necessary to look away, but somehow I don’t think I was supposed to ogle at her breasts. Right? Good thing I had a book with me, so I did not have to worry about it.

Not much, anyway. Am I a horrible person for noticing she had amazing breasts?


~wicked~ said...
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Anonymous said...

Why is it that everything has to be sexualized? Breasts are for feeding. When they are being used to feed a baby, there is nothing sexual about them. So etiquitte should be to stop being so Puritanical and creepy about the whole thing and get over it. It's like when babies are naked and tv stations blur out their's a baby for goodness sake, there's nothing sexual about it, and the people who feel the need to blur that stuff out are the ones who are creepy pervs for sexualizing BABIES in the first place.

~wicked~ said...

not that this matters but you were one of THE first bloggers that i enjoyed reading, got some ideas on how to pimp my page, etc. but, as of today, that shit's stopped for's really really sad, Roses, when you allow some people to post comments on your blogs that are insulting to others yet you delete comments that are made when we defend ourselves from that kind of speaks volumes in a nasty way

you may not have liked the fashion in which i responded - cursing like my life depended on it - but to actually delete my comment paints you in a negative light just as bad as 'anonymous'...let me do you another favour...i'll just delete my first comment anyhow...feel better now???

Natazzz said...


I usually do not remove any comments, unless I find them offensive, which doesn't happen easily.

Your comment was clearly offensive with all the cursing and personal attacks.

You might not like what anonymous wrote, but I do not see what is offensive or insulting about it.

This is not some public forum, but my personal website. I can do whatever I want on here, including removing posts.

I don't think I'm being unreasonable. I won't have any personal attacks or excessive cursing on my blog. You can either accept this or move on.