Tuesday, August 26, 2008

You should read it: Harlan Coben’s Myron Bolitar series

I generally love most detective and suspense novels, but I have to admit there is a huge difference in the quality and originality between these novels. One of the better suspense novels are those written byHarlan Coben.

His Myron Bolitar series, about a former professional basketball player turned sports agent and part-time private investigator, qualifies as one of my most favourite novels of the genre.

A serious knee injury has caused Myron to change his career, but this fact has never made him bitter. On the contrary, he is a very optimistic and fun person who honestly cares about all of his clients.

He also happens to be a professional smart ass with a great sense of humour. Even though he is a grown man in his thirties, he still lives with his parents who he adores and they also adore him.

His daily life can be described as anything but dull. Together with the help of his best friend and psychopath Win and his lovely assistant and former WWF wrestler Esperanza, he has managed to solve a lot of mysteries as well as keep many of his clients out of trouble.

All of Coben’s novels are well written, fast paced and suspenseful. Myron Bolitar is such a likable and humorous person that you cannot help but start to care what will happen to him. You want him to be able to solve his cases, help his clients and more generally you want life to work out for him.
I also love how Myron uses sarcasm a lot, plus the fact that he is such a great big smart ass. If you enjoy reading suspense novels, I am sure that you are going to love these Myron Bolitar books.

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