Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Music Memory Moment: Don’t talk about love- Bad Boys Inc

When I was 15 I went to stay with a pen pal of mine in Scotland. We had been writing to each other for years, bonding over the fact that we were both heavily into boy bands.

Yes, boy bands.

Don’t laugh! As I have mentioned previously, I used to be quite the fan of a number of boy bands, especially Bros and New Kids on the Block. This all started when I was 12 and it had me pretty occupied for a number of years.

So I went on a little holiday to stay with my pen pal and her family for two weeks. We got on really well, and spend most of those two weeks hanging out, going sightseeing and her parents even took us on a long weekend somewhere with a lot of hills and lakes.
It has been a while, so I do not exactly remember the details. But I do remember we had a lot of fun together. We were 15 (or I think she was actually a year older), but we were so naive. The boys in the boy bands we were obsessed about were really the only boys we knew.

I don’t remember that fact actually bothered me. For years I hung out with all these girls, dreaming and obsessing about famous guys that we never had to worry about actually having to get involved with. Or at least that’s how I saw it.

No strike that, that is how I see it now. Looking back on it, I realize I might have had just a little bit of a crush on my pen pal. I just did not recognize it at the time. I used to not realize a lot of stuff when I was younger. Hmm. Well, she was really cute.

Anyways, we would go visit these Radio I Road shows, live broadcasts from radio shows that always included a few live performances. They weren’t exactly big stars, I remember seeing Jason Donovan (who was trying to make a comeback), some TV stars, and a lot of second rate boy bands.

One of the boy bands performing at the road show were Bad Boys Inc. I absolutely loved them! I guess looking back on it now, they were just like all the other boy bands, but back then I thought they were really different.
Perhaps they were just better looking? Well, check for yourself. I remember having a huge crush on the guy on the far right. Thought he was gorgeous. I guess, he is a nice looking boy. The song we saw them perform a couple of times was called Don’t Talk about Love.

Have a listen, it is rather crap…but also kinda fun, the way these songs usually are. I think it is actually a cover of another boy band, but I never could find out which one. I remember them having the greatest dance routines. I also remember us making little banners with I heart BBI.
I still own the 7"single of this song. I think it came with a poster.

Oh it is all so embarrassing. Those were fun times though. Really fun. I wonder what my pen pal is up to these days…

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