Thursday, June 5, 2008

You should read it: American Gods by Neil Gaiman

One of the best books I read over the past few years has to be American Gods by Neil Gaiman. You might know Neil Gaiman from one of his other books Stardust that has recently been made into a movie.

I am not going to write an entire review of it, but I will just tell you a little bit about the story and why I think the book is awesome.

American Gods tells the story of this average kinda guy who gets out of prison and meets this other guy who claims to be a God. He is not the only one making that claim. In fact, it turns out there are lots of Gods living among us normal human beings.

They were once powerful and loved, but because these days everyone has forgotten about them, they are forced to live a rather mundane and human existence.

If this sounds a little weird, it is because that is just what the story is, a little weird. But that is what I love about this book. Not just that it is weird, but also because everything else is perfectly normal.

You are reading about everyday life in an average American town, and among the many people living there are a few folks who just happen to be Gods. This is a similar concept that Gaiman uses in one of his other books Anansi Boys, in which a guy finds out he has a half brother who has unusual powers, that no one seems to find the least bit weird, apart from the main character.

Anyways, if you are looking for some new titles to add to your reading pile, I’d definitely recommend Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. Or any of his books for that matter.

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