Monday, June 23, 2008

Why do we hate Mondays?

Another Monday morning, the beginning of the working week for most people. Unless you’re lucky. Is this really true? Are you lucky if you do not have to work? If so, does that mean that Mondays are great when you’re off work?

Yes, I know, that’s a lot of questions to start the Monday morning. It’s just that I have been wondering why it is that we hate Mondays. I mean, is there something particularly horrible about the day or is it only because we have to go to work?

I know it sucks having to go to work again after 48 hours of being free, but does that really warrant all the hate for Mondays? Most of us do not have such horrible jobs, so having to actually do them is not really that bad. So maybe we just like to complain?

There sure are many songs about how awful Mondays are. Blue Monday, Tell me why I don’t like Mondays, Manic Monday….and these are just the ones that popped into my head.

If there are songs about it, it must be a big deal. Right?

Hmmm. I personally think we just hate Mondays because we think we should, and not because they are really all that horrible.


mega said...

I know why we hate mondays: Mondays are the practical application of Murphy's Laws. I mean, everything that can go wrong, will go wrong on a Monday for sure!! And if you think about it, you'll know, deep in side, I'm right.
So, if you have something important that can't go wrong, skip monday and do it on tuesday. Just to be sure.

Natazzz said...

You sound very superstitious. Do you also avoid black cats, walking under laders and doing stuff on Friday the 13th? ;-)

mega said...

Not at all. The opposite in fact. This conclusion is strickly from experience :)