Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pepper plant

I am the proud owner of a pepper plant. I have to say, I am the kind of person who normally does not care at all about things like plants, or flowers or anything else that needs water and caring.

So what happened? I am not sure. I was plant shopping with my mother yesterday, getting more bored and annoyed by the minute, when all of a sudden I saw this bunch of pepper plants.

For some reason I had never seen pepper plants before, and because I absolutely love peppers, I got all excited about them. Especially, because some of them had purple peppers growing on them, and I had never in my life seen purple peppers before.

Of course, my mother was so happy I finally showed some interest in plants that she convinced me to buy one. And I did. It’s standing on my balcony, and so far, it has not died yet.

However, it needs a lot of loving care, as in water almost daily and all kinds of other plant stuff. Normally I cannot even remember to give my roommates plants water once a week. Oh well. I will keep you updated.

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