Sunday, June 8, 2008

Blog crush: Post No Bills

I have a list of blogs I read every single day, or at least every time I am behind a computer (which is almost every single day-apart from laptop-free Saturday. Yes, I actually call it that. I’m such a geek).

Even though I visit many blogs, there are only a few I truly enjoy reading every single time, regardless of the topic being covered. One of those blogs is Post No Bills.

I cannot really explain to you what it is exactly that makes me love that blog so much. I mean, it is all about the personal life of this girl from NYC I have never even met. She tells us about what she gets up to, about her thoughts and ideas, and well, mainly about her love life.

Her blog used to be very drama-tastic, as I like to call it, but these days she is in a relationship, which generally makes for less drama, but it still has the same amount of hilarity.

I guess what I heart most about her blogposts, is the way in which she makes fun of all the stupid and humiliating stuff that happens to her. It is all very funny, mainly because it is all so recognisable.

I sometimes blog about personal stuff, but I never go into that much detail. I admire how she can so freely share the most intimate parts of her life with the entire world. That, and I like the way she writes.

OK I think I’ve said enough nice things already. Go check out her blog!

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