Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I wish I were sportive. Well, actually, I feel great being my lazy non-sportive self, but sometimes I think it would be great if I could enjoy playing sports.

I do not mind exercising itself. I enjoy stuff like hiking, cycling or swimming. I have also been know to partake in the occasional bowling contest (does that qualify as a sport?) or go for a nice canoeing trip.

However, I absolutely hate (hate is not a strong enough word) anything even close to resembling a real sport. And with real sports I mean anything that involves either a ball or a team.

I hate doing anything in groups and I am such an uncoordinated clutch I have never been able to catch, throw or do anything else with a ball in a way you are supposed to. Even if I could get passed that, the other thing I really hate is the fanaticism.

I honestly do not understand how people can care about winning so much. It is just a stupid game, who cares whether your team wins or not?

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