Monday, May 19, 2008

I don't get chocolate

I am one of those people who does not really enjoy eating chocolate. I mean, I am happy to eat a little piece of it now and then, but I do not get what the big deal is. What is so great about chocolate?


One of my friends is so addicted to chocolate she could eat it all day. Not only that, but it also makes her strangely euphoric. She even compared eating chocolate to having an orgasm. I believe she was serious.

Chocolate does absolutely nothing for me. Well, that is not completely true. If I have more than a few bites, it makes me feel sick.

If I would wake up tomorrow and there would no longer be any chocolate in the world, I would not care at all. I am weird that way. I don’t care for chocolate, just like I do not care for dancing. Most people don’t understand either.

Give me a big bag of crisps though, and I will empty it. Easily. Or a bottle of wine.

Do let me know if you also don’t care for chocolate. It would be great to know I am not the only weirdo.


mega said...

You are not alone. I also don't like cheese, which most people drool about. So, I'm probably weirder than you. *grin*

Natazzz said...

Yes, you are. I heart cheese.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

It's the rich texture, followed quickly by the release of endorphins. I'm a chocoholic, I admit it, I'm not ashamed. If I became diabetic tomorrow, which is unlikely but still, I would gladly chocolate myself to death. I would give up smoking before I gave up chocolate. The only thing that I would cling to like grim death before giving up chocolate is sex. I'm pretty shameless that way *hangs head in triumph*.

Natazzz said...

Hmmm. I'd think much less of you if you did choose chocolate over sex.

mega said...

Natazzz: of course you do... you're dutch!

Jennifer: I could say the same thing about sports.

~wicked~ said...

weirdo! lol....kidding! not liking chocolate does NOT make you just don't have a taste for it...simple. wish that could be the case for me...i'd love to not love chocolate.