Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I am sick of reality TV

I remember years ago when the first season of Big Brother started on Dutch television. It was such a new and exciting concept, and everyone I knew would watch it and talk about it all the time. Including me. Reality TV was a relatively new concept. There had been MTV’s the Real World, but that was about it. The idea of locking a bunch of ordinary people in a house, film them 24/7 and see what happened, was very intriguing.

I loved it. I watched all of the first seasons of Big Brother, as well as many seasons of the Real World. My favourite season of the Real World, was the third one in San Francisco, which starred among others the infamous Puck. However, a decade or so later there have been so many reality shows, I am totally sick of it. I no longer care for watching ordinary people do nothing exciting. I do not even care for celebrities doing everyday things.

TV should be entertainment and I do not feel that reality TV shows are entertaining me. If I want to watch people do mundane things and have petty fights, I can just walk out of my house and experience it there.

I guess the producers of these shows, found out quick enough that it was not very exciting to just watch people go about there everyday business. That is when they decided to make it a little more scripted.

This usually means more outrageous. Like straight girls making out with each other in hot tubs or guys having fist fights for no good reason.

I am done with it. Give me something new.

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