Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hot One Hundred Nominee: Rose Rollins

Even though you can no longer vote for AfterEllen’s Hot 100, it does not mean I cannot share with you another woman that I feel should be on that list.

Perhaps I could change the title from nominees to predictions. Or perhaps it really does not matter, as it is just an excuse to post pictures of hot women anyway.

Besides Alice, the only other woman on the L word that I think is unbelievably hot is Tasha, played by Rose Rollins. Granted her attitude sometimes leaves something to be desired, and I do not really like the whole military thing, but besides that, I would date Tasha in a heartbeat.
She has the most amazing smile, a very sexy voice, and look at how she can work a tank top! Oh yes, that woman is attractive.

Rose Rollins was also pretty awesome when she played the role of Monique in the web series Girltrash. Not many people can make murdering psychopath look hot.

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