Friday, May 9, 2008

Hot One Hundred Nominee: Katee Sackhoff

As most of you probably already know, AfterEllen has launched its annual Hot 100 contest. This basically is a great excuse for all lesbians to shamelessly admit which women they want to do…ehm..I mean, which women are nice to look at.

I thought this was also a great excuse to bring some of my favourite women to your attention. You know, just in case you have not made up your mind yet. Or just because it is fun to post pictures of hot women.

My first nominee is Katee Sackhoff. This woman is just unbelievably hot. Whether she plays a badass bionic woman, a tough fighter pilot in space, or glams up for a photo shoot, she is always a pleasure to look at.

There is just something about this woman. I cannot really explain it. Then again, I do not think I really have to. I mean, just look at her!
Even though I love her no matter what she looks like or what character she plays, it was when I first watched her on Battlestar Galactica that she really caught my eye. I have already mentioned this before, but there is probably no TV character I heart more than Starbuck.

She is simply awesome.

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