Friday, May 23, 2008

Exes and Ohs

The first season of Exes and Ohs has just been released on DVD. I am very excited about this because not only is it a great show, it is also a gay show, plus it stars Michelle Paradise.

I think Michelle Paradise is awesome. Besides being a great actor, writer, director etcetera, she is also really funny and just a lovely person. In case you’re not convinced, read her blog here and watch her vlog here.

Exes and Ohs can easiest be described as the lesbian friends, which is not very accurate, but at least gives you some kind of idea. It follows the lives and especially the love lives of a group of friends.
I love the dynamic of Jen (Michelle Paradise) and her best friend and ex Sam (played by the lovely Marnie Alton). I care less about the other main characters, and I really cannot stand Crutch, the annoying little folksinger wannabe. I don’t know why she is even in the show.

It has just been announced that Exes and Ohs will be back for a second season, which will air on Logo early next year. I think that is great news. Too many gay shows have ended or are getting cancelled these days, so it’s nice to know there at least will be something left to watch.

Regardless of whether you like the show or not, there just aren’t that many lesbian TV series around, so we should all support them. Buy the DVD or at least watch the show. Why not? I bet you’ve watched a lot worse.

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