Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Blog crush: Postsecret

One of my favourite blogs is Postsecret. Well, technically I do not even think it is a blog in the traditional sense. Neither do I think one can use terms like traditional when talking about something as new as blogs. Anyways.

Postsecret is this great site where people from all over the world send in cool postcards with their deep and darkest secrets, which are then posted online.

Every Sunday you can check the site for new secrets. I love it. It is quite intriguing and exciting to read about other people’s secrets. That, and I also think it is cathartic.

Sometimes you read secrets that are just like your own, while at other times it is something that will never ever happen to you. Or at least you hope it never will.

The type of secrets that people send in range from silly things like who they have a crush on or listing dirty habits to very serious secrets like abuse, abortions, suicide or other forms of loss.

My secret?

I go to Postsecret every Sunday, read other people’s secrets, and cry. Even though I am not a crier, every week I cry for other people’s terrible secrets. And I like it.

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~wicked~ said...'s not just women that make you cry.