Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I would like to share with you some examples of why this country I’m currently living in (I like to fool myself by thinking it’s only temporary that I’m back in the Netherlands, and that soon I will move on to bigger and better things) is weird.

Divorce fair:
After years of successful Marriage fairs, where people can go to see and learn anything and everything that is involved in getting married, they have now come up with the brilliant idea of hosting a Divorce fair.

Yes, you read it correctly. This fair will tell you anything and everything you need to know about getting a divorce. Apparently there’s great demand for such a fair. According to the organisers, lots of people are getting divorces or are contemplating getting one, but they have nowhere to go to get informed about it.

Can you imagine what kind of people will attend? It will be a huge hall full of people in unhappy relationships. Thousands of unhappy people thinking of leaving their significant others…Now doesn’t that sound like fun?

Animal party:
The Dutch government consists of a multi party system; one of the small parties (with two seats, I think) is the Animal party. Their main concern is how animals are treated. Even though I think the notion of being more concerned about the animals in a country than the people is already a little silly, I was surprised, yet amused, to read some of their motions.

For example, they want to ban the fish bowl. Apparently, it’s very cruel to allow goldfish to only swim in such tiny circles. This reminds me of previous local elections, where one of the main topics was dog poo. C’mon people, can we get back to the important issues?

Queens day:
If you are not convinced yet we’re a weird bunch, I give you Queens Day.

Enough said.

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