Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How not to catch a mouse

There is a mouse in our apartment. A tiny little field mouse. It’s been there for a week, at least. That’s when I first saw it running across the living room. I tried to catch it by running after it, without much luck. Because really, how do you catch a mouse?

A mouse is way too fast to just grab, and it’s way too cruel to just step on it. I decided I should just get some mousetraps, and because my roommate insisted, mouse-friendly mousetraps at that. Mouse-friendly mousetraps, for those of you who care, are mousetraps that do not actually kill the mouse, but just trap it in a little box. Of course, mouse-friendly mousetraps are also twice as expensive as the non-friendly variety.

I placed the mousetraps strategically throughout the house, filled with all kinds of delicious food. No luck. Apparently, our little mouse is way too smart to get itself trapped into a mouse-friendly mousetrap.

I did find the mouse a day later in our storage room, where it had managed to open up and eat some spaghetti. Of course, I was too lazy to keep chasing it until I caught it. When I looked again in the storage room the next day, the mouse was gone.

We haven’t seen our mouse for two days now, the mouse-friendly mouse traps are still sitting there untouched. But I know he is still running around the house somewhere. I just heard a scratching noise in the kitchen….maybe that’s him.

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