Saturday, February 2, 2008

Comic of the month: Dilbert

I’m not a big fan of comics in general. I love to read, and I basically read anything and everything, but this usually does not include comics. However, there are a few daily cartoons I really enjoy reading.

One of my favourite daily comics ever is Dilbert. Dilbert is about these dysfunctional rude cynical people working at some office. It’s all about the pointlessness of the work they do, the lack of motivation of the workers, and the cluelessness and incompetence of management.

The main character is Dilbert, an engineer who has some problems with the management of the company he works for. The cartoon typically depicts daily work-related situations that are often quite absurd, yet very recognisable.

Some of the other characters in the comic strip include Dogbert, Dilbert’s dog who’s very egocentric and cruel and dreams of world domination; Wally, one of Dilbert’s co-workers who is a huge procrastinator and does not even try to hide it, and Alice, another co-worker who seeks recognition for her work and has quite a violent temper.

What I love most about Dilbert is that everyone is so freaking sarcastic. Or sometimes they are just plain mean. I guess it’s a fine line between being sarcastic and being mean, and they often cross that line.

I like to start every working day by reading the latest Dilbert comic. It always makes me smile and most of the time it cracks me up too. If you like rude and sarcastic as much as I do you should definitely check it out!

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