Sunday, January 6, 2008


I am lucky.

Lucky to live where I live, to be surrounded by the friends, family, co-workers and even most of the strangers that I am surrounded by. They’re a nice bunch of caring, open-minded, tolerant, easy-going, intelligent people that don’t judge and accept people as they are. And if not, they at least have the decency to keep it to themselves.

That is probably why I have been able to enjoy my life almost without any hassles or worries. I don’t get judged, hassled, or discriminated against. Hell, most of the time I almost forget about it.

I forget that to some people (or many people, depending on where you are) it matters, it matters a great deal. They take issue with who I am, what I do, how I live my life. Some just have strong negative opinions, others would even see me dead.


I don’t get it. I honestly don’t understand why people care, at all, about who I am and how I live my life. How they can feel so strongly, how they can judge, how they can hate.

Last week there was this guy at a party who had quite strong opinions. He was saying how he was against adoption by same-sex couples. He said he considered himself a liberal and tolerant guy*, therefore, gays were allowed to exist and have some rights, but of course combining kids and gays was very unnatural. “Not only that,” he was quick to add, “but it would probably make the kids gay too. These days gays and lesbians get too much attention, people act almost like it’s normal. It will only give kids ideas, like it’s ok to be gay, and they might want to become gay too…”

I am lucky. Lucky I only have to listen to crap like this once or twice a year.

* You should always be weary of people who start of by telling you how liberal and tolerant they are. The same goes for people who start of by saying they never lie or are not coming on to you.

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~wicked~ said...

lucky for him i was not there....he'd have been shucked out on his opinionated ass very quickly...i supposedly live in a tolerant, gay-accepting country...Canada...yet, day after day, i see proof that is not the case at all despite our gay-marriage laws...i battle homophobia every day of my life but i'm a tough fighter although are, admittedly, days i feel burdened down by it all