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Recapping Season 1 of Wynonna Earp: Episode 4: The Blade

Previously on Wynonna Earp: Wynonna has been killing revenants with her nifty gun, fighting evil together with Agent Dolls and her sister Waverly. Waverly and Officer Nicole Haught continue to be totally adorable together, but unfortunately, Waverly still has a boyfriend. See my previous recaps for more details.

Look at me, I'm a macho cowboy!

Doc Holliday is telling Wynonna all about his adventures with Wyatt Earp. Wynonna thinks it's a cute story, but she needs more proof he is really Doc Holliday. He starts showing off by trying to shoot a bunch of bottles and other stuff without hardly even looking. It's all very macho, but Wynonna seems impressed.

Wynonna wants to know what he is and how it is possible he's back. It seems like Doc made some kind of shady deal, which makes him immortal, unless something or someone kills him. I guess by that definition we are all immortal. He's back in town because of unfinished business. It's all very vague.

It's either blood on your mirror or a revenant ghost killer coming through it.

A woman gets killed by something evil that comes out of her mirror. It's as creepy as it sounds. Agent Dolls and Wynonna go to investigate. Because of all her research Waverly thinks she knows exactly which revenant is behind it.

Waverly wants to tag along with Wynonna and Dolls, but they are not having it. The Earp sisters discuss the fact that Doc Holliday is Doc Holliday. Waverly lets it slip that Doc tried to shoot her, so of course Wynonna runs off to kick his butt.

Waverly just loves detecting!

Doc tells Wynonna all the revenants are hiding out at Bobo's trailer park. This makes Wynonna and Dolls go over there to shoot some revenants. Unfortunately, Dolls says there are too many of them to just start shooting. Wynonna actually calls him a party pooper.

Bobo lets them interrogate the revenant they suspect killed the woman. They ask if he knew her, and he says she sounds like a whore, then again...and goes on, but Wynonna interrupts him: "You had me at whore."

Bobo and some of his trailer park buddies.

He can't have done it, because he has no legs, so the search for the right revenant continues. I don't actually get why they can't just shoot all revenants, regardless of whether or not they committed any crimes. They are still demons, after all.

The creepy ghost like revenant keeps haunting and killing different people he feels should repent for their sins. There's quite a few sinners in Purgatory.

Agent Dolls investigates Doc Holliday for the killings, because he's found at the crime scene and neither of the Earp sisters want to tell Dolls who he really is. They are watching while Dolls interrogates Doc.

The Earp sisters just being Earps.

Waverly:   Is Marshall Dolls laughing?

Wynonna: I've never been so scared in my life.

I keep calling Dolls an Agent, but Waverly just called him a Marshall. It's all very confusing, I looked up what the difference is, but I am sure in the very first episode Dolls said he was FBI. I could be wrong. Maybe I should just call him Dolls from now on.

Wynonna and Dolls are at some lady's house, who wants Wynonna to forgive her for setting her up when she was a teenager, which landed her back in juvy. Wynonna can't forgive her, so the creepy revenant comes through the mirror and kills the woman.

The ghost revenant then tells Wynonna she has two hours to seek forgiveness from the souls she has hurt. That is probably going to be a long list of people.

Creepy ghost revenant ready to kill some sinners.

Dolls tells her to go beg for forgiveness of as many people as possible, while he arranges for a way to kill a ghost revenant. This is not going to go down too well, because, as Waverly puts it: "But everyone hates you Wynonna!"

Waverly visits Doc Holliday in jail to ask him for help figuring out who the ghost revenant is. As a reward, she lets him out of jail. Dolls isn't very happy about this. Still, time is running out so they start setting up all kinds of weird stuff to try and catch the ghost revenant.

This looks just like a scene from Buffy.

It involves some kind of ritual and everyone has their role to play. Wynonna asks if she is bait, to which Dolls replies: "More like brunch." Waverly has to read a spell in Latin, which once again makes me think of Buffy. Ah, I miss Willow!

During the spell Dolls gets possessed by the ghost revenant and his body gets zapped by a lot of volts. Wynonna tries to revive him, and luckily he's still alive. Now that the ritual didn't work, they think of other ways to kill the ghost revenant in his body.

Dolls keeps coughing up water, so Wynonna figures his body is probably hidden somewhere under water. "I feel so smart right now," she proclaims. I think it's a bit far-fetched to be honest.

Does anyone ever think the lead character will be killed off?

Wynonna is right though, the body of the ghost revenant is hiding in the lake. He and his body are about to kill her, but then he asks her who she has hurt the most. Wynonna realizes that person is Waverly.

Waverly says it isn't true. Sure, Wynonna has done all kinds of stuff to her over the years, but she's her sister, so she will always forgive her. The ghost revenant wants her to name the one thing Waverly cannot forgive her for.

Waverly is very sorry.

Wynonna:            I'm sorry I killed dad. Sorry I let them take Willa. Um, it's 'cause I left, right? I'm sorry!

Waverly:              No, God, I'm over it OK! You came back. You came back, and now you're here, and you're the chosen one...and that's definitely not what I am bad about.

Wynonna:           Then what are you...what do you mean the chosen one? Wave, just say it!

Waverly:              I should be the heir!

Wynonna:           Yeah, you should. I'm sorry.

Waverly:              I forgive you.

Ghost revenant:  Say goodbye!

Waverly:              I forgive her!

The ghost revenant tries to kill Wynonna, but Doc Holliday shoots his knife from his hand and then it's once again time for Wynonna to kill a revenant with her cool gun.

Badass Wynonna shooting yet another revenant.

Wynonna:   Guilty...sinner...forgiveness. Just another dude telling me what I've done wrong. But now, I'm about to do some right.

The episode ends at the Earp house, as always. Wynonna tells Waverly she's sorry. Waverly asks her if she's eaten all the corn chips again. But Wynonna is sorry she's the heir, and Waverly is too.

Turns out Waverly not only did tons of research on the revenants, she even did a 4-year degree in ancient languages for it, hoping to break the curse of revenants who keep coming back to Purgatory.

Wynonna is sorry too.

Waverly:    And you, who's never tried to be good at anything in life got to be the special one, while I just got to be Waverly.

Wynonna:  Who everybody loves! 'Cause you're so awesome. I mean, you have a million reasons to hate me, and you still love me. That's what I love about you dude.

Waverly:    Pass me the booze!

This episode was kind of boring. Sure, we got some nice sisterly bonding, but there was just way too much boring revenant and Doc Holliday plot. Moreover, we did not see Officer Haught at all, which shouldn't be allowed.

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