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Recapping Season 1 of Wynonna Earp: Episode 6: Constant cravings

Previously on Wynonna Earp: Wynonna is still killing revenants using Peacemaker, fighting evil together with Dolls and Waverly. Waverly and Nicole continue to be totally adorable together, but unfortunately, we have not seen them together in the last two episodes. See my previous recaps for more details.

Wynonna is ecstatic she knocked out Dolls.

Dolls and Wynonna are fighting, or put differently, Dolls is trying to teach Wynonna how to kick ass more effectively. When Dolls does something he takes it very seriously, and he want to impress Wynonna. He is doing back flips and everything. Wynonna not so much, but she finally puts some effort into it and manages to knock Dolls down.

Wynonna is very pleased with herself. She tells Dolls she knows he thinks she doesn't pay attention, but she does. In response, Dolls says she's limbered up and it's not due to Yoga. This makes Wynonna all defensive.

Why is it that on most TV shows they always seem to guess when someone has had sex? More importantly, why would it be a big deal if Wynonna had sex, because isn't that the kind of person she is supposed to be? OK maybe the Doc thing is a big deal, but still...I don't get it.

Five down, only two more revenants to go..

Then it's back to revenant chasing, because now that Wynonna has a photo of the revenants that killed her father, perhaps Waverly can identify the final two she hasn't killed yet. She's going to ask her over dinner.

She invites Dolls, but he says he has to clean up the office. She tells him to loosen up. When Wynonna leaves we see that what he was hiding is a shaky hand. Ohhh, a shaky hand, what could it mean?

At dinner Waverly is checking her phone, apparently Champ has sent her a dick pic. Seriously? Why is she still with this loser? Wynonna wonders the same thing, telling Waverly he is so beneath her. This makes Waverly emphasize just how much that is literally the case, which none of us really want to think about.

Waverly is so happy with her dumb loser boyfriend.

Wynonna tells her there's more to life than mind blowing sex, but at the same time she is enjoying talking about hot sex a little too much. They proceed to engage in some interesting euphemisms.

Waverly:      Whose truck are you borrowing?

Wynonna:    Please, I can get from here to there on my own thank you.

Waverly wonders if it's Dolls, but Wynonna just laughs. They get interrupted by the waitress who's annoyed with Waverly because she hasn't had time for her. Or something, it's all a bit vague.

Waverly knows who it is just by looking at the picture.

Then it's back to business and Waverly tries to decipher from the photo which revenant Wynonna should kill next. The person who can give them more information about the revenant they are looking for is called the Blacksmith.

When Wynonna and Dolls go look them up, Wynonna steps on a land mine. She continues to keep her balance and tries not to move her foot, while they get acquainted with the Blacksmith, who turns out to be no other than Sam's baby mama from Rookie Blue.

Watch out, Marlo couldn't be trusted on Rookie Blue either.
The Blacksmith really doesn't like Earps for some reason. She wants to know who Dolls is, but Wynonna says it takes too long to explain as she's kind of in the shits. Turns out it's a fake land mine.

She tells them all about cattle branding and other boring stuff, then senses that Dolls is in pain. I guess she's both a blacksmith and a physic rolled into one. Apparently, he has a battle deep inside and his soul is being torn. Talk about being dramatic.

Across town, Champ takes at least a minute to describe a phenomenon and Waverly asks him if he means the word 'history'. He responds by asking how someone so pretty can be so smart. I guess that's supposed to be a compliment. Well, at least Waverly seems to think so. That girl is so easily pleased.

Waverly still thinking she's happy with Champ.

Although she does point out to him that those things are not mutually exclusive. Champ asks when the last time was they got mutually exclusive. Evidently, it's been a while, but Waverly isn't really interested. Instead she focuses on her uncle Curtis his stuff.

It seems he left her a letter. Wynonna comes over and for some reason Waverly hides the letter. Not that Wynonna is paying attention, as she gets totally distracted by a cool motorbike that's among Curtis' stuff.

Wynonna is so happy with her new motor bike.

Turns out Curtis left the bike to Wynonna in his will. To say this makes Wynonna excited is an understatement. That is, until Doc shows up and she pretends to be all cool about it. He wants to see her in private.

This makes Wynonna kinda nervous, which is weird because I thought she was supposed to be this kind of girl who didn't get nervous. They make some awkward conversation and Doc tells her he needs to ask her something.

This something is for her to arrange a meeting between Doc and Dolls. Talk about anti-climactic.

When they show up at Dolls' office, we see him being all weird and shaky, he's angry on the phone with someone saying he needs more. What is going on, is squeaky clean Marshall Dolls on drugs?

Macho men being macho.

Wynonna leaves the men to talk together, which is a smart move because these two clearly do not like each other. Doc needs help finding a woman. Dolls says he'll help him if Doc gives him some evidence of Bobo's illegal activities.

They shake on it and Doc says his father always told him to never trust a man with sweaty palms. Good thing he likes a risk. Dolls gives him one day to deliver. All this macho bullshit is so boring.

Wynonna doesn't put up with any bullshit.

Wynonna and Dolls go to see a cattle burning revenant. Dolls tells her they need this one alive for evidence of revenant activity. Wynonna is being a smartass about it, and Dolls gets really angry, which is very unDolls like.

Wynonna:       A. The last guy that talked to me like that got a nail done to the nads, and B. Creepy dude on the porch at two o'clock.

They chase the revenant. Dolls tells Wynonna not to shoot him, but she does it anyway. After all, he was one of the seven who killed her father. Also, she's just very stubborn that way.

Every episode we have at least one cool screencap like this one.

Dolls isn't pleased at all. In fact, he's angry and aggressively looks for any leftover revenant pieces, which of course there aren't any. He does find a human hand. Another Wynonna Earp episode, another loose body part.

Meanwhile, Doc does a little snooping in Bobo's cabin. It looks like Bobo's been digging up pieces of two corpses. I can't imagine this is going to lead to anything good.

Back at the police station, Wynonna is trying to do some math, while Dolls is examining the hand he found. Looks like someone took the bone marrow out of it. It's also got some human bite marks on it. Lovely. It does seem to get Dolls all excited, but it could also just be Wynonna's close proximity.

I am not sure if Dolls wants her or wants to bite her.

Wynonna thinks some guy was eating people, but Dolls tells her she's wrong. Not about the eating part, but it's actually a cannibalistic woman. This is kinda cool, because up till now we didn't know revenants could be female as well. Yay for feminism!

Curtis left Wynonna a cryptic poem and she's at Shorty's with Champ, trying to figure out what it means. Champ of course is no help, but Waverly is smart enough to figure it out on her own.

Something is hidden in the piano. Champ hopes it's a million dollars, so they can open a little bar somewhere, because, that's what he's always wanted for them. Whatever dude, no one cares.

Waverly is trying to solve a riddle.

It's not a million dollars, it's a human skull. A skull with a note that says she's now the keeper of the bones and to not tell anyone, besides the blacksmith. He trusted only Waverly with this, and she thinks this is a good thing. Meanwhile Champ is complaining Wynonna got the bike.

Waverly:   He trusted me to be the keeper of the bones!

Champ:     You will always be the keeper of my boner.

No. Just no.

Where is Officer Haught hiding? I didn't remember it took so long into this show for Waverly and Nicole to get together. It's now been three episodes without as much as an Officer Haught sighting. Enough!

Waverly is no longer sure she's happy with Champ.

Champ wants to help Waverly shut of her brain, but Waverly likes her brain switched on! She tells him she doesn't want to be a barmaid for the rest of her life. She needs more than a boner and a pick up. Don't we all.

And just like that she breaks up with him. Not because of cute police officers or anything, but just because she finally realizes she needs and deserves so much more than this loser can give her. Good for you Waverly!

Waverly needs more than a boner and a pick up.

Meanwhile Dolls and Wynonna are searching for a cannibalistic female revenant. Wynonna checks Dolls his forehead and he tells her to respect boundaries. Seems like he has a fever, even though he feels cold to the touch. He says he's fine.

They find a secret underground layer and they just climb in. How brave. Or stupid. They are looking around what looks like the woman cannibal revenant's layer when they hear something.

Are they just going to jump down into the creepy revenant layer?

Dolls:           Just don't get eaten.

Wynonna:    Bite me!

Turns out the girl from the diner who was annoying Waverly is a revenant and her momma who owns the diner is the revenant cannibal. Momma has trapped Dolls and is going to have him for dinner.

Now that she has a nifty title like keeper of the bones, Waverly is feeling confident and has gone to visit the Blacksmith. The Blacksmith asks her if she thinks an 8-dollar bottle of wine is going to make her listen, but Waverly assures her that the bottle of wine is mainly for her. She's not that confident after all.

Wine in one hand, a box with a human skull in the other. Just another day in Purgatory.

Waverly shows the Blacksmith the skull and that does make her listen. The Blacksmith lets her in and they perform a creepy and vague ritual together. It involves the skull, some chanting, a hot poker and Waverly wondering if she just married a skull.

Something goes wrong and the Blacksmith wonders what she's done.

Blacksmith:    She's coming for me. I need to find some salt!

Waverly:         Am I in danger?

Blacksmith:    Of course you are. I mean, this is what it means to be blessed. Oh you poor
                         sweet girl, what was Curtis thinking?

Waverly isn't sure she still wants to be the keeper of the bones.

While all this is going on, Dolls is just trying to not get eaten. Cannibal momma takes a bite out of Dolls, but looks at him disgustedly. Apparently, there's something wrong with him, he tastes all spoiled. He tells her he's an acquired taste. LOL!

That's when Wynonna comes to rescue him. She asks if he's been eaten, he responds he's ok. Wynonna jumps down into the layer and kills Cannibal momma, and thhen she kills the daughter too.

Wynonna shoots her first cannibal revenant.

Later that night, Dolls is having someone sneak the drugs he needs from a lab. No explanation is given as to what these drugs are, why he needs them or why he wasn't getting them anymore. All we know is that he looks pretty bad, like a junky in need of a fix.

Of course, just when he wants to go to his office to take his drugs he runs into Doc. Dolls just wants him gone, but Doc isn't stupid, he sees he's in withdrawal from something. They conclude that they are enemies.

Just Wynonna, a new bike and a very old dude.

The episode ends with Wynonna polishing her shiny new motor bike. Of course Doc shows up. They talk and flirt a little, but Wynonna says she just wants to be friends. The final scene is Dolls taking his drugs and his pupils going all creepy and evil.

The end.

Hello! Aren't we forgetting something? Waverly is still stuck with a skull and a blacksmith. Why has nobody gone to save her or is even worried where she is?

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Recapping Season 1 of Wynonna Earp: Episode 5: Diggin' up bones

Previously on Wynonna Earp: Waverly and Officer Nicole Haught continue to be totally adorable together, but unfortunately, we did not get to see them together in the previous episode. Wynonna has been killing revenants with her nifty gun, fighting evil together with Dolls and Waverly.  See my previous recaps for more details.

Wynonna is having a nightmare.

Wynonna is having a creepy nightmare. She's walking around in the Earp's home looking for her sister Willa. She's wearing a bloody white dress. Waverly is there too, and then she is not. Wynonna keeps saying Willa cannot be there, because she is dead. Sounds like foreshadowing to me.

Waverly wakes Wynonna up and tells her she can't keep doing this. With this, she means killing people and pretend it doesn't affect her. Wynonna says they are already halfway through the seven revenants who killed their father, but Waverly reminds her there are 77 in the curse.

Damn, that's a lot of revenants to kill, especially seeing as Wynonna only seems to kill about one per episode.

Why is nobody wearing pants?

Waverly:       You are barely five percent of the way in.

Wynonna:     You and your math both suck!

Waverly tells her she called out Willa's name. Because Waverly was very young when Willa was taken, she does not really remember her all that well. Wynonna hopes that by killing all the revenants she can somehow make right all the wrong that's been done to their family.

Or shirts?

Dolls is working out in his office when Wynonna walks in. "I brought you a shirt, put your coffee back on! You know what I mean." she utters at the sight of him. Apparently, the air conditioner is off in the entire building, not sure how that explains the semi-naked workout at the office.

They go to suck up to the judge who can decide whether or not they can continue to do their work in Purgatory. Turns out Dolls is really good at it, Wynonna not so much. Then again, the judge doesn't have anything positive to say about Wynonna.

The plan is to investigate Bobo's illegal activity. Wynonna asks what's been on my mind too; why can't she just shoot Bobo with peacemaker? Well, she can't because of all the innocent bystanders at the trailer park who could see what happens when she shoots revenants. It has to remain a secret. Or something.

Wynonna doesn't like rules.

Wynonna:  So we do it by the stupid book!

Waverly is doing some spying on Bobo at the trailer park. She even brought snacks. Meanwhile Wynonna and Dolls search Bobo's trailer, but of course there is nothing to be found. Dolls asks where some of his friends are, and Bobo responds they are at a yoga mat sale. Someone working on this show really doesn't like yoga!

Bobo keeps trying to wind Wynonna up, and it finally works as she jumps on a car, shoots Peacemaker in the air all dramatic, and demands Bobo tells her who the last two revenants are who were part of the killing of her dad.

Waverly: Wynonna is going all Wynonna again...

Wynonna is going all Wynonna.

A fight between Wynonna and some of the trailer park folks ensues, but nobody gets hurt too badly. Bobo is arrested and some guy hides under Wynonna's car to follow her back into town.

Dolls is mad at Wynonna, because she didn't behave and now they have nothing concrete to hold Bobo in jail for. Wynonna tries to remind him she is not a cop. She wants to do this her way. Dolls reminds her that her way isn't exactly working.

Waverly is scared, but does it anyway...

Waverly has sneaked into the interrogation room with Bobo. She's got a lot of guts. He tries to scare her, but she is ignoring it. Instead she asks him why when she was little he chose her to manipulate.

She thinks it was because she was gullible and weak. Instead, he tells her weak is something she has never been. He chose her because she was angry. Of course, Waverly denies being angry then and now.

Bobo:            You've got depths, that neither of us know the bottom of yet. Trust me.

Waverly:       You don't know anything about me. Except maybe what happened to Willa.

Bobo:            Nothing good.

That's when Wynonna walks in and she isn't very pleased to find Waverly with Bobo. She gets out her gun and wants to shoot him, but he's got some power that makes the gun fly from Wynonna's hand to his. Bobo warns her that her shoulders might feel heavy now, but she should wait how she feels when everyone she loves is in agony.

He just needs some help finding his revenant boyfriend.

Bobo gets released and Wynonna walks out of the police station annoyed and angry. She gets in her car and there is the guy who followed under her car, ready to stick a knife to her throat and demand things of her. What he wants is for her to go back to the trailer park with him.

Wynonna:         I was just thinking I need another man to tell me what to do today and here you are. Awesome!

Waverly and Doc have followed them in Waverly's car and have managed to cut them off. This enables Wynonna to point her gun at the revenant in her car and shoot him. He stops her, telling her he knows who attacked her family.

Old buddies reunited.

He doesn't exactly know, but he has a photo with all the revenants on it. Turns out him and Doc are old buddies. The three of them go to Shorty's to talk. The revenant tells Wynonna about the guy that he loves, who just happens to be the photographer who took the photo she needs.

Seems like they were just two revenants in love, promising each other that when they got shot with Peacemaker they would regenerate at the same place and time. But being evil revenants and all, the other guy made some deal with Bobo. He just wants Wynonna to find out if his old love is alright. Ah, how romantic!

Wynonna doesn't need Doc's help with a little torturing.

Wynonna goes to talk to some guy named Vinny and will torture him for information if necessary. Doc doesn't want her to go alone, but she says she's got it, he just needs to babysit the revenant. Oh, and gut him in case it's a trap and she dies.

When Wynonna storms into Vinny's shed, he's standing in a bathtub in his underwear gutting a large fish. This show is so fantastically weird and disgusting!

So what if I'm just standing here in my bathtub in my underwear gutting a fish?

Wynonna interrogates Vinny and tortures him by putting fish hooks through his body. Before she can put one through his eyelid he tells her where she can find the photographer.

Not only that, but he also shares it was Doc Holliday who punished and tortured the photographer by tying him up just outside of Purgatory (Because revenants cannot leave Purgatory, when they do cross the town's city limit they slowly burn to death).

Wynonna shoots Vinny then goes back to Shorty's and does some shots before she is ready to confront either of the men waiting there for her.

Boobs are her secret weapon!

Turns out the photograph she wants is at the police station, so the plan is to break in there. Why can't she just go in - seeing as she works there - and get it? Doc suggests using dynamite to get in, but Wynonna says she's got something better: boobs!

There's actually two women working at the police station who do not care about Wynonna's boobs, but evidently they do like the charms of Doc Holliday. They set off the alarm so everyone leaves the police station.

Just as Wynonna is carrying boxes of old Wyatt Earp stuff out of the police station they run into Dolls. Again, couldn't she have just asked for this stuff instead? He lets them run off with the boxes.

Caught in the act.

The boxes are not full of photos, but just the negatives. Wynonna suggests developing all the photos, but heartbroken revenant guy cannot wait any longer and needs to see his long-lost revenant love.

They drive to where Doc tied him up, but he is no longer there, just his foot is. Seems like he chewed it off. Eww! Another Wynonna Earp episode, another loose body part.

They find him somewhere halfway between where he was tied up and the town's border. The lovers are reunited, but it is bittersweet because Wynonna is going to shoot them both as they are still evil revenants.

Dying revenants in love.

Wynonna and Doc argue about all that's gone down. Wynona tells him she's nothing like him, she needs a code to live by. Doc says she is exactly like him. That's when they decide to jump each other. I guess all that torturing and killing has made them all hot and bothered.

Wynonna:     We can't..

Doc:               Shhh. We say that after.

Does that enormous moustache really not bother her?

The episode ends with Dolls developing all the photos Wynonna stole from the police station. There is a very cute one of all the Earp sisters as little girls that Wynonna gets to take home.

As she leaves Dolls finds the photo of the seven revenants and the body of daddy Earp. The scene ends with the exact same photo standing on the judge's desk.

Pretty good episode, it had me entertained throughout. There was little Waverly though, and more importantly, this is the second episode we haven't seen Officer Haught at all. Good thing we know the upcoming episodes will more than make up for that.

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Recapping Season 1 of Wynonna Earp: Episode 4: The Blade

Previously on Wynonna Earp: Wynonna has been killing revenants with her nifty gun, fighting evil together with Agent Dolls and her sister Waverly. Waverly and Officer Nicole Haught continue to be totally adorable together, but unfortunately, Waverly still has a boyfriend. See my previous recaps for more details.

Look at me, I'm a macho cowboy!

Doc Holliday is telling Wynonna all about his adventures with Wyatt Earp. Wynonna thinks it's a cute story, but she needs more proof he is really Doc Holliday. He starts showing off by trying to shoot a bunch of bottles and other stuff without hardly even looking. It's all very macho, but Wynonna seems impressed.

Wynonna wants to know what he is and how it is possible he's back. It seems like Doc made some kind of shady deal, which makes him immortal, unless something or someone kills him. I guess by that definition we are all immortal. He's back in town because of unfinished business. It's all very vague.

It's either blood on your mirror or a revenant ghost killer coming through it.

A woman gets killed by something evil that comes out of her mirror. It's as creepy as it sounds. Agent Dolls and Wynonna go to investigate. Because of all her research Waverly thinks she knows exactly which revenant is behind it.

Waverly wants to tag along with Wynonna and Dolls, but they are not having it. The Earp sisters discuss the fact that Doc Holliday is Doc Holliday. Waverly lets it slip that Doc tried to shoot her, so of course Wynonna runs off to kick his butt.

Waverly just loves detecting!

Doc tells Wynonna all the revenants are hiding out at Bobo's trailer park. This makes Wynonna and Dolls go over there to shoot some revenants. Unfortunately, Dolls says there are too many of them to just start shooting. Wynonna actually calls him a party pooper.

Bobo lets them interrogate the revenant they suspect killed the woman. They ask if he knew her, and he says she sounds like a whore, then again...and goes on, but Wynonna interrupts him: "You had me at whore."

Bobo and some of his trailer park buddies.

He can't have done it, because he has no legs, so the search for the right revenant continues. I don't actually get why they can't just shoot all revenants, regardless of whether or not they committed any crimes. They are still demons, after all.

The creepy ghost like revenant keeps haunting and killing different people he feels should repent for their sins. There's quite a few sinners in Purgatory.

Agent Dolls investigates Doc Holliday for the killings, because he's found at the crime scene and neither of the Earp sisters want to tell Dolls who he really is. They are watching while Dolls interrogates Doc.

The Earp sisters just being Earps.

Waverly:   Is Marshall Dolls laughing?

Wynonna: I've never been so scared in my life.

I keep calling Dolls an Agent, but Waverly just called him a Marshall. It's all very confusing, I looked up what the difference is, but I am sure in the very first episode Dolls said he was FBI. I could be wrong. Maybe I should just call him Dolls from now on.

Wynonna and Dolls are at some lady's house, who wants Wynonna to forgive her for setting her up when she was a teenager, which landed her back in juvy. Wynonna can't forgive her, so the creepy revenant comes through the mirror and kills the woman.

The ghost revenant then tells Wynonna she has two hours to seek forgiveness from the souls she has hurt. That is probably going to be a long list of people.

Creepy ghost revenant ready to kill some sinners.

Dolls tells her to go beg for forgiveness of as many people as possible, while he arranges for a way to kill a ghost revenant. This is not going to go down too well, because, as Waverly puts it: "But everyone hates you Wynonna!"

Waverly visits Doc Holliday in jail to ask him for help figuring out who the ghost revenant is. As a reward, she lets him out of jail. Dolls isn't very happy about this. Still, time is running out so they start setting up all kinds of weird stuff to try and catch the ghost revenant.

This looks just like a scene from Buffy.

It involves some kind of ritual and everyone has their role to play. Wynonna asks if she is bait, to which Dolls replies: "More like brunch." Waverly has to read a spell in Latin, which once again makes me think of Buffy. Ah, I miss Willow!

During the spell Dolls gets possessed by the ghost revenant and his body gets zapped by a lot of volts. Wynonna tries to revive him, and luckily he's still alive. Now that the ritual didn't work, they think of other ways to kill the ghost revenant in his body.

Dolls keeps coughing up water, so Wynonna figures his body is probably hidden somewhere under water. "I feel so smart right now," she proclaims. I think it's a bit far-fetched to be honest.

Does anyone ever think the lead character will be killed off?

Wynonna is right though, the body of the ghost revenant is hiding in the lake. He and his body are about to kill her, but then he asks her who she has hurt the most. Wynonna realizes that person is Waverly.

Waverly says it isn't true. Sure, Wynonna has done all kinds of stuff to her over the years, but she's her sister, so she will always forgive her. The ghost revenant wants her to name the one thing Waverly cannot forgive her for.

Waverly is very sorry.

Wynonna:            I'm sorry I killed dad. Sorry I let them take Willa. Um, it's 'cause I left, right? I'm sorry!

Waverly:              No, God, I'm over it OK! You came back. You came back, and now you're here, and you're the chosen one...and that's definitely not what I am bad about.

Wynonna:           Then what are you...what do you mean the chosen one? Wave, just say it!

Waverly:              I should be the heir!

Wynonna:           Yeah, you should. I'm sorry.

Waverly:              I forgive you.

Ghost revenant:  Say goodbye!

Waverly:              I forgive her!

The ghost revenant tries to kill Wynonna, but Doc Holliday shoots his knife from his hand and then it's once again time for Wynonna to kill a revenant with her cool gun.

Badass Wynonna shooting yet another revenant.

Wynonna:   Guilty...sinner...forgiveness. Just another dude telling me what I've done wrong. But now, I'm about to do some right.

The episode ends at the Earp house, as always. Wynonna tells Waverly she's sorry. Waverly asks her if she's eaten all the corn chips again. But Wynonna is sorry she's the heir, and Waverly is too.

Turns out Waverly not only did tons of research on the revenants, she even did a 4-year degree in ancient languages for it, hoping to break the curse of revenants who keep coming back to Purgatory.

Wynonna is sorry too.

Waverly:    And you, who's never tried to be good at anything in life got to be the special one, while I just got to be Waverly.

Wynonna:  Who everybody loves! 'Cause you're so awesome. I mean, you have a million reasons to hate me, and you still love me. That's what I love about you dude.

Waverly:    Pass me the booze!

This episode was kind of boring. Sure, we got some nice sisterly bonding, but there was just way too much boring revenant and Doc Holliday plot. Moreover, we did not see Officer Haught at all, which shouldn't be allowed.

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Recapping Season 1 of Wynonna Earp: Episode 3: Leavin' on your mind

Previously on Wynonna Earp: Wynonna came back to her hometown Purgatory, where it's full of demons called revenants. Luckily, she has a nifty gun that can kill them, and an overly serious partner Marshall Dolls and a cute sister Waverly to help her fight evil. Waverly and Officer Nicole Haught met and it was totally adorable. See my recap of Episode 1 and Episode 2 for more details.

Look at him, he's like almost all moustache.

Wynonna is at Shorty's carrying all Waverly's stuff downstairs, so she can move it into their old family home. While she's there she takes some time to flirt with Doc Holliday. She tells him he's just her type and he responds with: "What makes you think that you are mine?"

God knows what she sees in him, but maybe it's just his enormous moustache that's putting me off. Also, his name always makes me think of that 10cc song for some reason. Waverly doesn't really get Doc's appeal either, but Wynonna tells her not to judge.

Waverly is taking her new role as consultant for the Black badge division very seriously, by giving a presentation about her research on the history of Purgatory and revenants. It's all very adorable, although Agent Dolls and Wynonna are less enthusiastic about it.

Waverly's cuteness is wasted on these two.

They come to the conclusion that what they have to do is contain all demon activity by killing the revenants one by one. How is any of this new information? Wynonna goes all serious, saying she's going to kill them one by one by shooting them in the face.

Wynonna:      I want them to tremble with fear before me

Agent Dolls:  You've got powdered sugar on your nose

Wynonna, badass donut eater.
Waverly is all excited about her research, but Agent Dolls is his usual unimpressed, bossy self. "Welcome to team do as he says!" Wynonna tells Waverly. I wonder if the Earp sisters hate being told what to do as much as me. Probably, at least Wynonna, I am not sure about Waverly, she seems much more agreeable.

They are interrupted by Nicole who has some important information for them. All you need to know from this scene is that the looks Waverly and Nicole gave each other were absolutely adorable.

They are so adorable...

While Waverly is putting away her research she notices a photo of Doc Holliday. "Oh shit!" she proclaims, as that is the exact same guy as Wynonna has been flirting with.

Throughout this episode there are numerous revenants scenes, which I can sum up as follows: the revenants are up to no good. They like hurting and killing people for no good reason. Oh, and they like gory stuff. So far we've already seen a severed tongue, this episode it's a severed hand.

Apparently, the revenants are planning a ritual, like you do when you are evil. If they succeed they will be able to leave Purgatory and maim and kill all over the world.

Agent Dolls is explaining more background stuff, to which Wynonna replies: "Sometimes you come so close to cool, then cool makes a run for it." Poor guy. Wynonna has heard enough and goes to look for some Tequila. Tequila is never a good idea.

Waverly just wants to know what his game is.

At Shorty's Waverly is trying to question Doc Holliday without actually telling him she knows who he is. She's not too happy when he tells her he's staying at Bobo's trailer park. Bobo is the revenant boss, who Waverly mistook for her imaginary friend when she was little.

Wynonna is visiting her dad and sister's grave. She feels she shouldn't be the one hunting revenants and she misses them both a lot. Her conversation gets interrupted by a revenant trying to dig up a grave.

Death really sucks.

She tries to shoot him, but he is too fast for her.

Agent Dolls has looked into the grave the revenant was digging up and shares the boring details with Wynonna. He tells her to drink her coffee and then they are are leaving.

She complains it's really hot, then does attempt to drink it, only to burn herself. Why can't she take the coffee with her? After all, It's already in a handy plastic cup with a lid on it.

Meanwhile a revenant is checking out Champ, proclaiming: "Look at that body! I call dibs!" Champ is rather pleased with that, saying he gets that a lot. He thinks he's hitting on him, or just admiring his body in a totally straight kind of way. But of course the revenant is thinking of possessing his body.

Champ: so unbelievably pretty and dumb.

Luckily, Wynonna and Agent Dolls show up. The revenants are searching for a vault in the store and are using Champ and the other shoppers as hostages. Agent Dolls is just telling Wynonna they can't go in because they are outnumbered, when the police arrive. Agent Dolls isn't very pleased with that, but to me any scene with Officer Haught is a good scene.

Officer Haught looking all badass.

They decide Wynonna is going in and will exchange herself for the hostages. Some hostages are released, but she's still stuck in there with Champ, who has the great idea she should cause a distraction by showing her boobs.

Agent Dolls tells Nicole to call Waverly and tell her about her sister. Nicole mentions Champ's truck in front of the store and Agent Dolls asks if that's Waverly's boyfriend, to which Nicole responds: "Unfortunately!" Don't worry Nicole, he won't be for much longer.

Nicole is thinking of ways to create a world without Champ.

Wynonna is helping the revenants open a vault. Turns out it's not the first time she's attempted something like that. She has sure lived an interesting life before she became a demon hunter.

Meanwhile, Waverly is snooping at the trailer park where Bobo and Doc Holliday are having a conversation. Of course she gets caught and Doc Holliday pretends to shoot her and she runs off.

Waverly is upset once again.

Doc follows her to Shorty's where he confronts her. Waverly cannot believe he is working with Bobo, while he is supposed to be a hero! That really pisses Doc off, probably because there is some truth to it.

He tells her if anyone is going to save them all, it certainly isn't going to be the heir's little sister. Waverly tells him she's stupid for thinking he is anything but just another a-hole.

Wynonna has managed to open the vault and now the revenants want to leave the store using the hostages as cover. Agent Dolls just lets them all go, so I am hoping he has some sort of a plan.

Unhappy hostages.

It turns out Agent Dolls put a tracking device on Wynonna. He's followed them and is waiting for the right moment to save the day. They find out the revenants want to put something evil inside of Champ's body. He's horrified, saying "Wynonna, I don't even put gluten in this."

While the revenant is chanting, Wynonna tells Champ to run and he does almost without a second glance, although he assures them he is getting help.

Now there's a very dark evil something that wants to possess Wynonna's body. Shorty jumps in front of her and gets possessed instead. They fight and Agent Dolls hits Shorty over the head with a rock.

Wynonna: "This is not the kind of penetration I am used to."

Then all that's left is for Wynonna to shoot the revenants. She doesn't want to shoot the one that is possessing Shorty's body, but she has to. It's not always easy being a fighter of evil.

Being a demon hunter sucks.

Waverly is at Shorty's crying over the death of Shorty. Nicole comes over to tell her how sorry she is. It's a very sweet moment. A sweet moment that is totally ruined by Champ. Then again, he is still her boyfriend, so we can't really blame him. Much.

You want to comfort her so bad, but she's not yours to comfort...
Waverly tells Nicole she got her voicemail about Wynonna, and that it was really sweet of her. Nicole just gives Waverly her Nicole smile, and says: "Sure." Then she walks off, because this whole situation is just way too awkward.

Champ says something about her just rubs him the wrong way. Probably the fact that she has the hots for his girlfriend. That's when Waverly starts to cry, because it's all just too much. Champ totally doesn't get it, when he proclaims: "Don't cry, it's ok, I am ok." Yeah, like any of this was ever about you.

Life's too short Waverly, dump him already!

Waverly tells him Wynonna said he was really brave and he has the nerve to actually agree with her that he was. He is also never leaving her side again and just keeps on kissing her, and neither is making Waverly very happy.

Nicole goes to talk to Agent Dolls to get an update on the case. He isn't very forthcoming. Dolls see her looking at Waverly, with a look that's saying she's so gone - she's fallen for her and nothing is going to change that.

She's a goner.
Nicole:           She said she was glad I called.

Agent Dolls:  I bet.

Waverly tells Wynonna she is one of the good guys. That's not a very hard thing to be when almost everyone around you is so very bad. Even Agent Dolls admits Shorty was just collateral damage, because he had to know for sure if revenants could really possess people.

Wynonna is rather pissed off about that, especially when Dolls tells her "it's a war" and "this is what our victories might have to look like."

Wynonna:    Wow. With all the shit I have done in my life. Dolls, working with you...I don't think I can look myself in the mirror.

She already knew he was older...

Wynonna walks off and ends up at the Earp's family home, which is how every episode of Wynonna Earp seems to end. She's drinking away her sorrows again. Doc's there and she tells him Shorty was her only friend. Doc tells her he's Doc Holliday. Finally. He also says he's at her disposal. Whatever that means.

Wynonna:   Well, shit.

The end.