Sunday, October 23, 2011

New fall TV shows I'm watching

The new fall TV season saw the return of many of my favourite shows, including House, Dexter, Fringe, Grey's Anatomy and Lost Girl. Like every season, there were also plenty of new shows and I tried to give many of them a chance.

Now that we are a few weeks into the season, there's only 3 new TV shows left I'm still watching. Those I couldn't be bothered to continue watching were: Free agents (It just wasn't funny), Prime suspect (The dumb humor made me switch off after just 10 minutes), the Secret Circle (After a few episodes it got rather boring), and Ringer (I really wanted to like it because of Buffy, but I just couldn't get into it).

So what am i still watching?

Person of interest
A guy who built a machine that tells you exactly who is going to be involved in a crime teams up with an ex-CIA hitman to prevent people from getting killed. Or more precicely, they try to prevent crimes before they happen. It's a very interesting concept, and so far it doesn't disappoint. The episodes are interesting and captivating and I like the main characters a lot, especially the quirky guy who has the machine.

Emily returns to the town where she lived when she was young to take revenge on the people who killed her dad and deprived her of a happy childhood. She takes getting revenge to a whole new level and it's intriguing to see just how far she will go. Most people in the town seem rather evil anyway, so you don't feel that bad for them. It's like watching an evil version of the OC, but with less teenagers.

Crime show featuring a woman who has a perfect memory, which helps the FBI solve crimes. It's a good crime show, although I have to admit it's not that outstanding and the first few episodes I kept forgetting what the show was about, making Unforgettable rather forgettable.

One show that will start next week that I am really looking forward to is Grimm, a creepy show where detectives try to solve crimes that feature (bad) fairytales coming to life. Put differently, all the fairytales are real and only one guy (one of the last Grimms) can stop them a la Buffy. 

What shows are you watching? Do you agree with my choices or not at all?

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Aadiahh said...

Hi Natazz, We don't have these shows on TV here yet, the ones you are still watching, Revenge would probably on my list too.

But I am still watching Grey's Anatomy which I have been for some years now, that is my only TV show and tonight, there will be a new episode, I still like it.

We are probably behind but that's okay...