Sunday, September 25, 2011

Living together

I used to say I didn't think I could live together with someone. The idea of being in a relationship and sharing a house, being together all the time, didn't seem very appealing. In fact, I used to be known for saying I didn't want anything alive in my apartment besides me, including other people, pets or flowers/plants. I used to say a lot of things...

It's interesting how things change or how different/new experiences in your life change your perception of them. Over the last few years there's sure been a number of those that changed not only how I see the (my) world, but they also changed me. Actually, I'm not quite sure I believe people really change. So perhaps it's not so much that I changed, but I just became more myself.

For most of my adult life I thought I was happy, especially with being on my own. I didn't really get relationships. I thought they were nice, but I honestly didn't understand why they could be anything more than that. I also didn't understand people's need for them, how so many people around me couldn't just be happy being single.

Sure, I'd been in love, but it usually was either complicated or resulted in a lot of drama. In sum, I thought my life was pretty good, until I met my gf and I realised everything that I'd been missing.

I know it's so corny to say, but I'm going to say it anyway; she changed my life completely. I never knew I could feel as much as I was feeling. I never knew I could love as much as I was loving. I never knew I could be as much and as many different things as I was being. I never knew I was lonely until I wasn't any longer. I never knew I was incomplete, until she completed me.

My former self never could've written that last paragraph. I would've rolled my eyes at it, and maybe even made some sarcastic comment. I don't really miss that person. I like being who I am these days, happy and positive and everything that comes with it. Being in love and in a relationship with Heidi has been such a wonderful experience that finding an apartment together was a logical next step.

We've only been living together for 2 months, but it's been wonderful.


Rochelle Dancel said...

Too cute - wishing you both much continued happiness :)

Natazzz said...

Thanks :D