Saturday, January 1, 2011

Making versus doing to-do lists

I love making lists, regardless of whether they're to-do lists, lists of favourite things, or even grocery lists. It's such fun to do and it makes life easier. Fun and efficient, that's a combination I love.

During last year's Christmas break I read The to-do list by Mike Gayle. I was so inspired by this story (it's fiction and the main character is a big slacker btw) I decided to make a to-do list of my own.

I wrote down everything and anything I wanted to do and should do, ranging from tiny stuff like "pay bills" and "clean cupboard", to bigger stuff like "get life insurance" and "learn to be nicer and think before you speak". In total I wrote down 106 things (the initial list was a little shorter but I added a few entries during the year) that I should do.

Without trying too hard, this year I actually managed to cross 63 off things of that list and there's another 14 things I couldn't quite cross off yet, but I have started on. The latter include things like "read all unread books" and "learn how to drive a car".

So that's around 75% of the list that I at least attempted to do. Not too bad for a slacker like me. I actually think I am not that bad, but I do like to put things off.

Some of the stuff I didn't get around to this year are "learn Spanish" and "go canoeing". Maybe I will next year.

For 2011 I have started another to-do list. So far it contains 43 things, and I am looking forward to adding many more. I am not so much looking forward to doing all the stuff on the list, but then again, the doing part has always been secondary to the fun part, the creation of lists.

Making an annual to do list is so much more fun than a traditional list of New year's resolutions. Although of course, it all comes down to the same thing.

2011 should be the year I will do more of the following stuff: write, save money, excercise, be social and punctual. But the list also includes lots of fun stuff like go canoeing, go bowling and go see movies more often.

How about you? Do you enjoy making lists? Do you have any new year's resolutions or don't you believe in that stuff?

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