Thursday, December 16, 2010

Video of the week: Everybody loves a lesbian

Have you heard of Mongrels? It's BBC 3's first urban, multi-species, adult puppet comedy. Yes, you read that correctly, adult puppet comedy. The series was created by Adam Miller and written by Jon Brown and Daniel Peak.

In one of their scenes, a pigeon called Kali learns all about the joys of lesbianism from Cassandra the crow. The greatest part about this scene is the song they perform, entitled Everybody loves a lesbian.

I thought it was rather hilarious, I especially love the beginning where Cassandra tells Kali "You'd make an excellent lesbian!" The lyrics of the song aren't very pc, but who cares, as it's just a fun tune.

It's like lesbian Sesame street for adults. Or something. What do you think? Did you enjoy Everybody loves a lesbian or not at all?

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