Tuesday, October 12, 2010

People are shallow: most popular blog posts

Since a few months Blogger offers you some stats about your blog. This includes how many visitors, page views etc. you receive in a given day, week or month. It also tells you where those visitors are from and how they found your blog. It's quite a nifty tool, and one I admit to looking at quite regularly.

Over the years I have blogged about tons of different subjects, serious topics, LGBT issues, favourite TV shows, books, music videos, personal accounts, holiday adventures and the list goes on and on.

Obviously, some of these posts are more popular than others, but I was quite amused when I looked at the 10 most popular blog posts of all time (or since Blogger started keeping track of them). To sum it up: People are very shallow. Meaning, anything to do with hot women is almost guaranteed to be popular.

Don't believe me? Let's have a look at that top 10. Here are my 10 blog posts that you all viewed the most:

10. Because you're hot: Lena Heady (June 13, 2009).


I used to regularly write posts about women I thought were hot. One of those was Lena Heady and people still find this post (mainly though Google) when looking for either Lena Heady or hot women in general.

9. Because you're hot: Clea Duvall (July 25, 2009).

Slightly more popular than my post on Lena Heady is the one about Clea Duvall. I'm not sure this reflects actually popularity or just the fact that it's harder to find posts on Clea Duvall.

8. Because you're hot: Christina Cox (August 8, 2009).

Yes, another Because you're hot entry, this time about Christina Cox. It seems I spent a lot of time writing about hot women in the summer of 2009.

7. AfterEllen's Hot 100 (June 2, 2008).

AfterEllen's annual Hot 100 used to be, and still is, a very popular list that many women and men try to look at, over and over again. Both on my blog and on eurOut, we keep getting page views for posts about this list.

6. Top hot butches list: My picks (June 30,2009).

NatashaKai610xIt's interesting this post does even better than all the previous ones I mentioned. It's equally fascinating to me to read back all these posts about women I wrote. Yet another one from the summer of 2009. I guess I shared the preoccupation with women with most of my readers.

5. Lists are Hot: 10 European movie actress who have played gay or should (April 21, 2010).

Lists are hot are very popular columns, both on my blog and on eurOut where I wrote them for originally. They are guaranteed to get a lot of page views, but some are even more popular than others. I guess a lot of people out there are wondering about those actresses who have played gay.

4. The 100 hottest women from Germany according to Bild magazine (May 25, 2009).

Another post that was originally published on eurOut. Do you see the pattern yet? People are shallow. Anything with hot in the title does well, especially if the hotness refers to women.

3. Lists are Hot: 10 European lesBian TV couples (January 11, 2010).

Another Lists are hot entry. I'm not sure why the TV couples are more popular than the actress one, perhaps it's just because this one was posted earlier in the year and, thus, has had more time to accumulate page views.

2. How I WANT the final episode of the L Word to be (March 6, 2009).

the-l-wordThis is the only post that stands out a little. Granted, indirectly it's still about hot women, but the content is slightly different. It's surprising so many people care what I thought of the final episode of the L Word. It's amusing to me, as I never even saw it. I just wrote about how I would've liked it to end.

1. Because you're hot: Erin Kelly (August 10, 2008).

Here it is, my most popular blog post. It's kind of ironic Erin Kelly won, because to be honest I am sitting here wondering why or when I thought she was hot again. Well, the date stamp says the summer of 2008, but I can't really remember. Oh well, I guess lots of you still like her.

What do you think of this list? Does it show how shallow people are or just that these posts are easiest found by search engines?


Betty said...

Love this post. Cause, yeah people are shallow!
Do you have any idea if alot of men drop by your blog or if it mostly women?

Rinu said...

Haha, nice one. After all AfterEllen sells itself quite well thanks to a lot of "hot " too :). At least it is my bet.

If it helps, I lurk your Studying LesBians mostly since it containts some interesting views.


PS. I don't have anything against the AE website.

MyShallow Gal said...

I love anything regarding shallow people. I certainly got my fill at http://www.myshallowgal.com